Six million people mislead?

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  • ikhandi

    I have done a little research since joining this board and honestly believe that Jehovahs Witnesses fit in the cult category. However what I don't understand if this is not the so called true religion as most of you have expressed how do you figure six million were mislead into believing it is the only true religion? I mean this is not like the heaven's gate cult or the infamous jonestown cult who had very little followers in comparison with Jehovahs witnesses.

  • SixofNine

    When the witnesses got me, I was at the most vulnerable point in my life. My very existance depended on a couple of Jehovahs Witnesses (truth be known, I owed my existence to them too). I simply had no human choice but to accept it all as reality. It was presented as part and parcle of the reality of life.... as sure as the sun would come up, and momma would suckle me, god existed and was named Jehovah and had a name people, Jehovah's witnesses.

    Things would have been so much better if a family of wolves would've adopted me.

    So, Ikhandi, I'd guess that a large percentage of those 6 million people have similar story to mine. As for people who weren't raised in it.... I can't really say. Still, I bet the people in that situation who respond to this thread, will tell you that the witnesses caught them at a very vulnerable time in their lives.

  • DanTheMan

    :how do you figure six million were mislead into believing it is the only true religion?

    The fact that JW's have a large number of adherents proves absolutely nothing.

    Evangelical churches are growing by leaps and bounds, they often are as stifling and controlling as the WT. There are over 10 million Mormons who believe that Joseph Smith received heavenly gold tablets from God. Millions of Germans followed Hitler, with disastrous consequences.

    Certain people, at certain times in their lives, are ripe for the picking, ripe for the PROPAGANDA.

    The WT woos the potential convert with Jehovah this and Jehovah that, Paradise this, paradise that.

    But, if you convert, sooner or later you realize that what the WT's message really is - "we speak for God, leave and you will die. Even if you don't leave, if you underperform, there is a strong chance you will die."

    JW's are largely unaware of the facts about their own religion, hence the incessant warnings in the KM, mags, etc. about the internet.

  • Buster

    This question is a bit difficult to take seriously. But in the off-chance that it is sincerely asked, I'll relate something I overheard at work years ago: One worker, a minister of some sort, referred to number of adherents to some faith as proof that they must be right. He felt that so many people could not be wrong. Another co-worker pointed out the speciousness of the arguement and added that "that is like saying a trillion flies cannot be wrong, so lets eat sh*t."

    It is great how JWs spend all their time explaining how a billion Catholics can ALL be wrong, and yet then say, with a straight face, that their 6 million could not be wrong because of their great number.

    It kills me how self-centered and ignorant of logic JWs are.

    And I'll go you one better: I'ld be willing to bet that, in the US, there are as many exJWs as active JWs. Now those people (we) came, saw, bought the t-shirt, and got the hell out. I would argue that they have a broader perspective than those current, active, overindoctrinated, head-nodding JWs. If one feels compelled by the number of dubbies, should they not be as pesuaded by the quantity of refugees therefrom?

    It ain't how many are in - its how many ain't in.

    (boy that felt good)

  • rocketman

    I agree with Dan The Man. It's not at all inconcievable that 1 in 1,000 people can be misled (the jw ratio to population). Far greater numbers have been, as Dan points out.

  • ikhandi

    I can assure you this question was asked in sincerity. This is something I have been pondering for awhile. Thanks to all that have replied

  • archangel01

    I'm wondering if that 6 million # is really true because alot of people have left for the good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    The religion well suits the life of a self-righteous western religious buffoon, who has not be naturally charitable but still sees themselves as "good", because they don't sleep around or something - often they're scared of the world ending - they don't trust God, because they aren't that "good".

    Being western, these same people are often in a position of some influence in some lives, and extend their own fear, to project it on others as truth, and strictly control any people that they may have in their power - eg children.

    Couple that with information deficits and suburban mythology, and, a shortage of "Good" news being preached, and their you have jwism.

    Ask yourself why is it an American/western development?

  • anti-absolutism

    Buster, I love the analogy of the flies and the s*it. That one works just great!!!!!!

    I too have always been amazed at how the ever growing number of JW's is proof that they must be right. I have always just said to them that they just have the greatest number of salespeople.. ( no offence to salespeople intended.... lol)

    A few times I agreed with them that numbers must prove it and told them that I was going to join the Mormons, since they are the fastest growing religion. Well after they picked themselves up off the floor I explained that I was only kidding, because I was aware that the Mormons are ONLY the fastest growing since they produce so many kids... ( no offence to kids.. LOL I have four)

    The truly amazing thing is that the JW's can perfectly grasp the Mormon concept, but the salespeople one is completely ignored....... unless maybe a seed is planted....


  • Inserter

    I disagree with Dan the Man. I have been an evangelical Christian for 15 years and attended over 8 different churches from menonite to pentecostal and have never felt controlled or stifled in any way. Just had to add my two bits. Thanks.

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