Do You Trust Anyone???

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  • minimus

    I don't tend to trust just anyone, either. There are some that you feel you could tell anything to, and there are those that you might feel you could trust and then you find out that you get burnt. I like to believe that I can trust my friends with any personal confidence but the reality is, you have to always be on guard. Trust me.

  • Marcos

    I've always been trusting but have had to mend my ways. Still, that ugly monster (trust) rears its ugly head and bites me in the backside every so often!

    I have learned that you have to observe and examine your friends and expect no more out of them than they can give. -Robdar

    Yes, people have a certain nature. And we cannot change that nature. Only that person can change, and that, only if they desire to change. A cat cannot be a dog.

    I used to, not anymore I'm extremly sceptical of just about anyone.They can get so close and that's about it before they hit my walls. –obiwan

    I do try not to be skeptical of everyone but, it is just good policy. At least, I have the sense to back away from people who show no appreciation for my trust. However, even doing this, I have been “done in” by so many people on so many levels. I really do like people. I really do like lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) but I am not about to live with them.

    I unfortunately do not trust anyone other than my best friend. The only reason I trust him is because we have been through SO much together.

    I do not share my most personal feelings with others simply because every single time I have done so, this info has been used against me.

    I hope to someday be able to trust people again. –pr_capone

    I also have a best friend of long standing who is the only person I trust implicitly. This guy has NEVER done me in.

    Personal feelings? Almost nothing makes you feel more “used” than to have someone use your innermost feelings against you. It’s happened to me. My policy is to never reveal what someone has said to me in confidence. I’ll even ask if they wish me to keep what they have told me in confidence and, if so, I don’t even reveal it to my best friend.

    Even had one guy, my son’s uncle, reveal some really bad stuff about himself and his marriage. Didn’t know the guy from Adam, met him at a wedding. I gave him a ride to the airport and he told me a bunch of stuff, really personal and un-cool stuff.

    Anyway, it gets back to me that he has been speading a really atrocious lie about me! Guess, he is trying to prevent me from attacking him. My son knows that the guy told me some stuff but I won’t tell him what. He said his uncle had sent me greetings. Told my son to tell his uncle to “bite me”.

    I still look to trust people but I am much more cautious.


  • freedom96

    I trust people deserving of trust.

  • Dawn

    Yes - but only a few. The few that have proven to me they are trusthworthy - my husband, my kids, and one very dear friend.

    I'll have to say - I don't really even trust myself sometimes - I have to stop and question "why" I think a particular way or "why" I believe something is true - do I have proof or am I simply accepting based on programming? Not trusting your own self is the hardest part.

  • Introspection

    Can you trust anyone or anything now? Well... Who wants to know? Seriously, I think it helps to look at it for what it is. If we're going to trust out of a belief, well that's just the same kind of thinking as blindly following religion. Even if you don't know anyone well enough to where you can put your total trust in them, you no doubt recognize that there are different levels of trust for different people you know. I think it works both ways. Trust can be broken, and doubt can lead to trust too. Sometimes people, just like other things in life prove themselves even when you doubt them, and that is pretty powerful when you come upon it. To put it simply, reality presents itself despite your belief of how things are, that includes how you think people are. As a side note, I think it's important to see that cynicism is also out of a belief. (by the way, that is farther down the spectrum of trust from doubt, since doubt is just being unsure, but cynics generally believe they know, they are sure) From that perspective, there's really no difference between your trust or lack of trust, because you're just basing it on beliefs. Of course I don't mean that you shouldn't trust yourself at all, either, but just look to see how things are, instead of going to a memory from the past.

  • blondie

    I trust myself now which is a change for the good. I don't trust any others. If I'm wrong, I won't be disappointed.


  • breeze


  • animal

    "Do You Trust Anyone???"

    "Can you trust anyone or anything now?"

    2 different questions....

    Can I.... sure, anyone can. Do I? Rarely.


  • heathen

    no ! I often find if I do give someone the bennefit of the doubt I only find out later they were not honest .

  • SheilaM

    I do need to add I do trust Thunder Rider, when I answered I was thinking of friendships etc. He has always been there and never has let me down. I trust him implicitly he is a faithful friend. I tell him he is an alien because he is like no other on the planet

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