in honor of the simpsons

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  • Esmeralda

    "You shot who in the what now?" ~Jasper, Grandpa's friend from the nursing home, to Smithers,
    when he confessed to shooting him in the wooden leg.
    "I'm just a simple paper boy, no romance do I seek, I just want forty cents for deliveries last week!"
    ~Apu, singing in "Streetcar" the musical
    "Look out for dat dere skunk. Day kin go off even after dayze dayed." Cletis, to Lisa after
    she asks him for a ride.

    "Cletis, what are you flapping them gums about?"

    "Never you mind, Brandine. You just go back to birthin' dat baybee." ~

    "See my loafers, former gophers, it was that or skin my chauffers..." ~Burns, singing "See
    my Vest."

    I could go on and on, my brain is jammed with these *lol* Just another of lifes pleasures that
    Jack introduced me to. Which reminds me, he may have a few of his own favorites to throw in
    to this ring! :)

    Great thread Chuck!!!

  • JackDawson

    oh well, I tried this once and it ate my post LOL

    This is just a test.

    Jack Dawson
    Mr. Esmerelda

  • riz

    "And whatchoo talkin' bout, everybody." - Gary Coleman

    "Thank you Taco, for that loving tribute to Falco." - Willie Nelson

    "I wash mahself with a rag on a stick." - Bart

    "I was wrestling wolves while you were still sucking at yer mother's teat." - Groundskeeper Willy

    "And I'm going to eat mayonaise!" - Homer

    "Look dad. I'm a surfer." - Rod Flanders wearing a Butthole Surfers shirt

    "Everything's coming up Milhouse." - Milhouse Van Houten


  • TR

    Hmmm.... it says hit 'any' key. There's esc, ct(a)rl, and p(i)gup. Where's the 'any' key? I don't see any 'any' key!- Homer


  • Seven

    Homer : "So Lisa your not going to eat any meat anymore, not even
    Lisa : "No"
    Homer : "Ham?"
    Lisa : "No"
    Homer : "Pork chops"
    Lisa : "Dad those all come from the same animal"
    Homer : [Condescending] "Yes Lisa, A special magical animal from fairy

    Homer: First time I've ever been early for work except for those daylight savings days-damn farmers!

    Homer: Son, when you don't like your job you don't go on strike. You just go to in everyday and do it really half-assed! That's the American Way.

  • Esmeralda

    Sorry for stepping off topic for a moment but
    Seven, could you e mail me? I don't have your e mail address.

    I'm a bit concerned about a mutual friend of ours and a certain anniversary that I
    believe is approaching in her life....

    If you mail me I'll write you back tomorrow as soon as I can...


    p.s. Oh, and to get this post back on topic...

    ~Homer, in response to being told his half assed attempts at parenting were worse
    than his not parenting, he replies:

    "But I'm using my whole ass!"
    "I can't believe they sat us at Taxachussets!" ~ Homer, complaining about
    his table at the "Americatown" restaurant in Tokyo
    While having a vision at a Native American casiino, Bart tosses a firecracker in the sacred

    Bart: "I got that firecracker from a guy on your reservation!"

    Native American:"That's crazy talk!"

    Bart:"No, Really!"

    Native American:"No, that's my brother, CrazyTalk. We've been worried about him."

    Later in the vision:

    Bart:" You put an advertisement in my vision?"

    Native American: "That was Crazytalk's idea. He got it from Dances With Focus Groups."

    That is one of Jack's favorite quotes! Too bad the site ate his post :(

  • TR

    Here's another "Homer":

    Homer: Marge, are we Jewish?
    Marge: No, Homer.
    Homer: WOOHOOOO!!!!


  • Englishman

    "Marj, if you're gonna tell me off every time I do something stupid, then I'm gonna have to stop doing stupid things".

    "Listen to the words, Homer......bunk with me tonight..."

    "Uh huh"

    "Bunk with me......"


    "Bunk with ME!!



  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    in the episode where Homer becomes a food critic:

    homer: aaajrjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjr (head titlted, mouth open, drool hanging)

    lisa: whats the english equivalent of aaajrjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjr? ahh transcendent. . .

    homer: groin grabbingly transcendent. . . .

    thank you for those special references

    and everyone else thanks for the responses

  • Seven

    dark clouds, Thanks for the thread.

    Essie, Check your email.

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