EPIC!#%* NOVEMBER 2015 WT VIDEO "Welcome Home My Friend, Now Your Life Can Start Again"

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  • Virgochik

    I forced myself to watch it so I'd be prepared if my dear mother called up asking me to see it. I noticed he said the time left is short and it's urgent that we return to Jehovah. Well, I wasn't aware I'd left Jehovah. I just left that blasphemous false religion that I don't believe has his blessing any longer, so, I found it really offensive that they assume those who are inactive are really still members, who are simply too lazy to get off the couch and come to the meetings.

    I lived through the 1975 mess and it greatly impacted my life. When they said how it's urgent to return to Jehovah's protective embrace, or similar wording, I thought, do they really think we're falling for that again? Fool me once...

    This is just me, but I thought Sanderson was smirking. Did anyone else see it, or is it my imagination? Why would he be doing that?

  • krejames

    Thanks for the link Magnum - checking it out right now. Yes I am a massachist

  • Magnum

    Virgochik: Well, I wasn't aware I'd left Jehovah.

    I was thinking the same thing. I just skimmed through the Nov broadcast, but I noticed that Sanderson kept referring to returning to JWdom as 'returning to Jehovah', They're so confident and smug and self-righteous and are so sure that they have Jehovah's blessing that the thought that they might not doesn't even enter their minds. The fault is all with the lowly ones who have, due to their own weakness and/or laziness and/or unrighteousness, become inactive. Their self-righteousness infuriates me.

    I lived through the 1975 mess and it greatly impacted my life.

    I lived through that, too.

  • traveb

    That was my first time watching Sanderson speak. At least he comes across as somewhat normal and caring, compared to the other GB members who are patronizing and condescending. Perhaps he's playing the good cop role.

  • steve2

    "Jehovah loves and cares for you" is the perfect reframe for a hypocritically unloving and uncaring organization.

  • Khaleesi
    They interviewed that JW believe her name is Nancy Nuilan (sorry if misspelled) , Ray Franz mentioned her in search of christian freedom & because of the WT rules waste her time years in prison away from her family...
  • Khaleesi

    Forgot to add, sounds like a song by Luther Vandross

    Who comes up with these songs? This organization is unrecognizable, they know many people are drifting away and that is why Sanders went thru that article that about it being a mistake thinking the great tribulation is many decades far away, my goodness it's been over 100 years the same thing.

  • AlwaysBusy

    I know this probably sounds "dumb", but isn't there something the WT lawyers can do to help those that are imprisoned? With the millions and millions of dollars going to the WT each month, why can't they 'pay' the way out for those Witnesses that are imprisoned? Does the WT try to get them released? I would think that a few million could buy freedom for some of those incarcerated ones. I would rather see the money go to that, instead of to more KHs.

    Take Care


  • NoMoreHustle

    yes Khaleesi

    I said the same thing to myself about the song sounding like Luther Vandross sang it

    maybe it was tis guy from the Baptist or Penecostal church or wait a minute maybe the JW Church????

    watch this (this is from my first post back in 2014 & is this still floating around) watch in AMAZEMENT!!!!


  • Distracted

    My mom kept telling me to watch this video but I avoided it till coming here. Still couldn't watch the whole thing. It is very disturbing. Besides the fact they do equate leaving the org with leaving Jehovah (a huge dishonest thing, I know) there were two examples that really show how much control and manipulation they want JWs to be involved in. The one example where a sister describes how she met someone near a bus and the person mentioned they had been a witness at one time was not quite right. She talks to an Elder and gets the lady's address and starts going by time after time even though the lady isn't interested, even taking groceries. The woman would have to "out" herself if she was just trying to fade and wanted to keep it that way. It seemed a bit like mild stalking to me.

    Then there was the example of the woman who was raised as a JW and faded for a couple of years. When she went back to the meetings, she finally agreed to let two sisters study with her because she knew they'd just keep asking. I mean come on, raised as a JW? How much is she gonna forget in two years?!!! Just more control. After these two examples, I had to stop and skip to the end.

    I now understand why people are bugging me. I don't mind so much them counting time on me, but dodging the pull back in is wearing.

    [I commented about all this on the Fading thread but I realized it belongs under this one.. I was going to delete and write about this under this topic but it looks like I can't delete it anymore.]

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