EPIC!#%* NOVEMBER 2015 WT VIDEO "Welcome Home My Friend, Now Your Life Can Start Again"

by NoMoreHustle 31 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • NoMoreHustle

    well I just watched this "EPIC" video, I would have to say this is probably the most disturbing video yet.

    there campaign to get people back is just pathetic in the most mind-manipulating way. "Welcome Home" or "Come back Home" are they serious? these videos are so over the top and designed to tug at your heart strings. they say in the stupid song at the end "Welcome Home My Friend, Now Your Life Can Start Again" is that there new motto now?

    they really have lost it, don't even get me started on the exploitation of people in third world countries

    this video actually brought a tear to my eye..... not because I fell for it, but because my wife sadly will not wake up from this non-sense

  • ToesUp
    I agree. It was pathetic!
  • onightdivine
    Sad thing is that almost all of the sisters at the cong will share stories about how they felt touched by the video.. with teary eyes.
  • bradford
    That pre vomit feeling keeps happening, can't finish it.
  • LV101

    They are copying the Catholics. I've heard the same thing on radio for the Catholics to come back home. Crazy

  • Dissonant15

    Yeah, and tonight my dad is trying to shove this propagandist sh** down my throat

  • LevelThePlayingField
    It goes back to how religion plays a major and general role for people in their lives. It provides COMFORT. And emotion is involved in that. So the society has been playing their trump card heavily lately with their music videos to play upon peoples need for comfort. It goes with the territory.
  • krejames
    I can't seem to find the one you mean. Do you have a link ?
  • LostGeneration

    Desperation pure and simple. They know they can't recruit anymore, all they have left are the lost souls who have wandered away and are getting shunned by their families. Pathetic.

    Dumbshits still don't realize the power of the internet and how their lies have been exposed. Most who have left now know TTATT and either won't go back, or if they do its just to be able to contact family and they wont ever contribute a nickle to the pedophile protectors in New York.

  • Zoos
    I'm not a dog, I'm not returning, and I don't like vomit.

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