EPIC!#%* NOVEMBER 2015 WT VIDEO "Welcome Home My Friend, Now Your Life Can Start Again"

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  • Splash

    Oh, the irony.

    *** w86 7/1 pp. 23-24 par. 2 Lining Up With Jehovah’s Integrity Keepers ***
    When we carefully examine Jesus’ public preaching, we do not find him manipulating emotions. For example, did he appeal to his audience with choirs and singing? Or did he use clever psychology to establish a guilt complex in his audience and then cause them to dig into their pockets? On the contrary, his method of teaching caused people to think and reason.

  • bohm
    Splash: oh dear! But that was just Jesus, still laboring under old light.
  • GoneAwol

    Zoos - "I'm not a dog, I'm not returning, and I don't like vomit."

    Love it! I'm saying that to my dipshit mother when I see her this afternoon.

  • stuckinarut2
    Great reference Splash!
  • minimus
    I just listened and watched the video. It could be pretty effective because the guy singing it is really good. He could be making money singing in a real band.
  • jookbeard
    the simple fact is they haemorrhage members like no other group and they know its hurting them, pulling these heart strings might have the complete opposite effect, come back to a cult that protects paedophiles? lies about its UN membership, kicks hard working folks out on the scrapheap? Er no thanks.
  • NVR2L8
    They can sing all they want but I am never going back. When it comes to my JW "friends" I have not yet received one phone call in the five years I have left...
  • Magnum

    krejames, it's part of the Nov 2015 broadcast - towards the end.

    Here's the broadcast on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I09wZQOf4ZI#t=4552 (the video referred to in this thread starts at about 1:13:20)

    "Welcome home, my friend; your life can start again." What a smug, condescending statement. In other words, they're saying nobody has a life without them. Actually, my life ended when I became a JW and didn't start again until I left.

    At some point, Porky reads Eze 34:16 and says that Jehovah searches for lost ones. Well, if I'm lost, nobody has searched for me. I've literally begged for answers (and still do), and have received no help. Instead of being answered, my questions have grown in number and intensity. If somebody's searching for me, he needs to get new batteries for his search light.

    I just skimmed through the broadcast, but still got mad and nauseated. JWs are so self-righteous. They don't even consider the possibility that they could be wrong. It's just a given that they're right and that everybody is weak or wrong or both. If somebody has left JWs, he's weak or evil.

    They don't address the numerous issues that people have with JWs (failed predictions, crazy history, doctrines that can't be defended or explained, etc.). They just imply that they're standing and that everybody that has left them has fallen and has no life.

    Come back home and get a life. Go to boring meetings that will take away any time you might have had to really learn something. Go out in the ministry (do they do that anymore?) and waste more time. Associate with mostly ignorant, corny, socially inept "family". Adore the Magnificent 7. Read the publications and get a real education. Oh, and don't forget, give us your money.

  • done4good
    LevelThePlayingField - It goes back to how religion plays a major and general role for people in their lives. It provides COMFORT. And emotion is involved in that. So the society has been playing their trump card heavily lately with their music videos to play upon peoples need for comfort. It goes with the territory.


    This is precisely why reasoning with believers is, (almost), a fruitless endeavor. This is not unique to JW either. Most/all religions, (especially very fundy ones), are doing exactly the same with respect to emotional manipulation. Yesterday driving home from work, I just noticed a billboard from some fundy group that showed a baby with the headline "Proof that God Exists", or some such nonsense. There is no reasoning with that type of manipulation, for those predisposed to accept it.

  • Crazyguy
    They put this BS crap out their like the panthlet at the RC,about coming back yet very few JWs will even deliver or show this crap to those that have left. I'm sure there are plenty on this forum that never received the panthlet. Its all BS to make to exalt themselves

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