Have you ever known a holocaust denier? How did you feel about them?

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  • Landy
    It's a well known fact it never happened lol. Grow up and remove your UN veil(s) and it's plain as day.

    You sir, are an absolute cockwomble.

  • Saename
    David_Jay - Jews can't say we deny the Shoah (which is another clue about what you are, as we Jews find the word Holocaust--a reference to heathen sacrifice--as inappropriate, so we have our own word for it).

    Out of curiosity, do you know why the Shoah is called the "Holocaust" by non-Jews? It's interesting to see that an event which killed millions of Jews is called the same name as the Jewish sacrifice burned on an altar.

    Alostpuppydogs - Jessie Owens had a great experience in Berlin and was greeted by the Führer himself and came back to be, in his own words, snubbed by the president and immediately subjected to racism at the first restaurant he ate at.

    That is not exactly the case. While it is true that the Americans (especially the President, Franklin D. Roosevelt) refused to acknowledge Jesse Owens, the Germans did the same thing***. I mean... these were the 1930s. Both North America and Europe were racist. Hitler (your Fuhrer) definitely didn't greet Owens. Hitler, in fact, didn't congratulate anyone at the Olympics. He was told that, in order to appear neutral, he had to either congratulate everyone or no one—that is, he couldn't just congratulate the Aryans as he wanted to do. Hence, he chose not to congratulate anyone for (very) racist reasons.

    *** Here is a quote from Jesse Owens himself: "I wasn't invited up to shake hands with Hitler—but I wasn't invited t othe White House to shake hands with the President, either." Source: Larry Schwartz, "Owens Pierced a Myth" (2005).

  • DJS


    You shame the use of the word research. The people on this planet closest to and most knowledgeable about the holocaust have laws making it criminal to teach denial, including Germany, which made it law 31 years ago.

  • David_Jay


    The word "holocaust" comes from the Ancient Greek word (sounding almost identical) which referred to an oblation offered to a Greek deity by means of fire.

    When the Septuagint was translated, the same word was used, but by this time had the more specific sense of a human offering (Josephus mentions this point). While the Septuagint never won the favor of the Jews, it became "the" version of the Hebrew Bible for Christians. When the Catholic Church translated the Scriptures into Latin, they transliterated the Greek word into Latin and (until recently) became the standard term for all Jewish "burnt offerings" in traditional Christian Bibles and hymns in most vernaculars.

    It eventually became the word for any type of disaster, with French and English leading the way in this usage. It is often said that the New York Times in its first reports on the Shoah is responsible for introducing the term for Hitler's "final solution."

    Again the Septuagint was never favored in Judaism. The use of the Greek term for the Hebrew QORBAN OLA (an offering that smokes) was not well received over the ages due to the original Greek term referring to the type of sacrifice offered by heathens. The Jews refer to the Holocaust as HA SHOAH, "the Calamity" instead.

    The term "holocaust" can and is used to refer to any type of horrific disaster, usually one involving the loss of life by fire, and along with its heathen origins is not favored by many Jews. It has become more and more common for non-Jews to use the term "Shoah" now, even in the Catholic Church when formally speaking of the event.

    It is not disrespectful, however, to call the Shoah "the Holocaust." Some Jews, however, find it inappropriate.

  • Saename

    That makes sense now. Thanks, David_Jay.

  • Simon

    Alostpuppydog: your holocaust-denial posts have been removed. That kind of fake-conspiracy-theory drivel is not welcome here.

  • freddo

    Hear Hear Simon!

  • JWdaughter
    Ex jw who left wt after researching stuff for them got on an Anne Fran denier kick. Ditlieb Federer.

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