Have you ever known a holocaust denier? How did you feel about them?

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  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    It wasn't Farben by any chance was it? IG Farber was a major user of Jewish slave labour from Auswitch during the war.

    It was Thyssen. Lot's of creepy things found when you turn over that rock. Apparently Bush's grandpa made his fortune from the Nazi's with Thyssen involvment. You need a strong stomach when you start researching companies like Thyssen, Krupp, Bayer, Nestle' [that's right] etc. and let's not forget Ford, Standard Oil and IBM.

  • blondie

    IG Farben = Bayer

    World War II

    During World War II, IG Farben used slave labor in factories that it built adjacent to German concentration camps, notably Auschwitz,[27] and the sub-camps of the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp.[28] IG Farben purchased prisoners for human experimentation of a sleep-inducing drug and later reported that all test subjects died.[29][30] IG Farben employees frequently said, "If you don’t work faster, you’ll be gassed."[31] IG Farben held a large investment in Degesch which produced Zyclon B used to gas and kill prisoners during the Holocaust.[32]


  • jwleaks

    No. However I did personally know Ilse Hess, wife of Rudolph Hess, Deputy Führer to Adolf Hitler. She died in 1995 in Victoria, Australia, in my home town. She knew my grandmother, Oma, who also came to Australia after WW2. My Oma was the granddaughter of King Leopold II of the Belgians. Ilse's revelations to me about the JWs, aka Bible Students, were in complete contrast to Watchtower's own sanitised historical revisionism. Ah ... the burdens of the past we carry.

  • Phizzy

    I've never met one personally, but I was brought up in the JW religion where facts were denied on a regular basis.

    Once you realise people are doing this, it is so frustrating, they refuse to accept truth.

    We are told we live in a "Post Truth" society, this is just a euphemism, these people are simply telling lies.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    When I worked at Moss Bros as a child, a few holocaust survivors worked in the tailors dept, they kept themselves to themselves but we're very kind to me, and got me out some messes when I got my fitting measurements wrong.

    A teacher at school was a survivor, never a personal tutor of mine, but at meal times I remember she would get angry if kids wasted food. I now understand why.

    i have been to a few talks held at libraries given by survivors, always treasured the fact they wanted to teach about intolerance.

    I would never deny the holocaust, but like with any subject, critical thinking needs be applied to the books we read. Calel Perechenik, Autobiography " Am I a murdereer" and "The death Brigarde" by Leon Wells, are two books that present irrefutable evidence gas chambers were real. I have never found concrete evidence of the actual figure that were killed in the gas chambers, but I have zero tolerance for those that deny the holocaust happened.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    It boggles my mind that anyone could deny a crime with literally tens of thousands of eyewitnesses. It would make about as much sense to be a 9/11 denier.

  • cobweb

    If you type into Google search 'did the Holocaust happen' the top result comess from Stormfront with headline 'Top 10 reasons the Holocaust didn' t happen. I just tried it.

    Read this Guardian article about it:


  • dropoffyourkeylee

    It is amazing to me that with the internet and availability of information, fringe ideas still exist. But in a way it has enabled the oddball ideas and beliefs to thrive. The news reports about Dylan Roof and others like him suggest they are radicalized on the internet by selectively reading what they want. Apparently they read what they want and ignore the rest.

  • cobweb
    It is amazing to me that with the internet and availability of information, fringe ideas still exist.

    The internet has made it worse in some ways. Wheras previously there was a lone cooky person, now that person can meet other people with the same idea and become an echo chamber or someone can get influenced into believing that weird idea by means of the social power of communicating with many others who accept it. Getting together with likeminded people can be a power for good and bad.

    Having ready access to accurate information doesn't have any impact on conspiracy theorists. Their impulse is that mainstream truth is a lie - accepted facts are rejected out of hand, and they will believe anything that backs up what they want to believe.

    Holocaust denial, Climate change denial, evolution denial. They all are coming together now and its because of unwillingness to accept evidence and fact. JWs have the same mentality and have a conspiracy theory too. The devil is out to get them and they can't trust anyone in the world who might be affected by him.

    edited to add:

    I blame it partly on the widespread acceptance of religious thinking. As a Christian its okay to put faith over fact and evidence. Its esteemed. With that tendency established its a hop skip and a jump to transplant that to other areas.

  • Landy
    Apparently they read what they want and ignore the rest.

    That's true of most people - with all sorts of preconceptions and agendas.

    A man hears what we wants to hear and disregards the rest.

    paul simon

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