Washington Post in US: Jehovah's Witnesses Face Child Sex Abuse Investigation in Australia

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  • cultBgone

    It's finally hit mainstream media in the US! Let's hope some savvy investigative journalists see a Pulitzer for opening up this story to cover the US and worldwide cases.


    Everyone who is able should hurry up and post comments on their website as the pro-JW forces have rallied and are trying to squash this as Libel. Danny Haszard has posted a lot of data but he could use some support in this.


    GOOD!!!👍💥 This needs to be shared with as many as possible.


  • Londo111

    Finally? It's been a month or so. :)

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    I will send this to my local news paper.
  • freddo
    Sorry to be thick but that link is to an article dated August 14th - am I missing something?
  • Giordano

    The comments back and forth are very interesting. I counted maybe 3 or 4 pro JW's the rest were ex JW's or those disgusted with the Societies two witness rule and inability, unless mandated by law, to report child abuse if they don't have two witnesses.

    The JW's are losing bad on this issue and based on their non actions will continue to lose

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  • Vidiot

    CNN covered it last month, too.


    FOX sure didn't seem to, though. Hit too close to home, maybe?

  • Gayle

    The commission doesn’t have the power to find guilt or issue punishment. But a spokesman said it has referred more than 700 matters to authorities and will make recommendations to the government in a final report in 2017.

    So WT will not be moved to change much since "commission doesn't have the power to find guilt or issue punishment." What the government does in 2017 can only be guessed. The WT. has time to collect a lot of donations and sell Kingdom Halls by then. Wonder how many KHs there are in Australia? A few hundred?

    In the meantime, it Wt business as usual.

  • cultBgone

    Freddo, I just happened to run across this when I was searching for another article. Hadn't noticed it before and was at least happy to see it hit a major US daily.

    Guess the comments only stay open for a few weeks or 30 days, sorry I missed that window.

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