My boyfriend proposed to me.

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  • Preston

    Scooter – At my wedding you can be anything you want save the husband-to-be…

    PR-Capone – I have decided, you can be my PR guy…. I need the flashiest advertising I can get my hands on…

    SYN – Thank you SYN for supporting my SYN-ful endeavors…

  • Preston

    Carmel – I’m sorry but Rush very unsuccessful when he tried to attract me to his ideology, I don’t know how it will work out. Tell him if he needs a personal trainer I can whoop that big butt of his into shape post-haste!

    Xena – I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it to the Apostofest, I’m going to “Gay Day” at the Renaissance Fair. Can I call you guys up though to see how the fest is going???

    Lyin – In answer to your question, it was a golden band with five diamonds on it. It was very pretty. And BTW, my “sister” is invited…

    Orbiting – If you can come as Buttercup then My life will be complete…

  • Preston

    Robyn – I need a sassy suthun’ girl with a drawl like yours to make my wedding just fab-u-lucious!

    Megadude – Thank you for enlightening me on 6 o’ 9’s humor, I need a good teasing with all the tense moments in between..

    SaintSatan – You gotta hear MY lisp!

    Jesika – I’m fortunate to be supported by so many beautiful people

    Whyhideit – I’m glad there will be more people like you in the world…

    Outlaw – Thanks, most details of my gay life are to XXX to be posted on lest I face a paddling at the hands of Simon of Exjaydubville.

    6 of 9 – You’re too funny to be an X-JW…

  • Preston

    Maximum – I’ll try to be as honest with my life as I can, I’ve had my work cut out for me since my door-knocking days…

    Beckyboop – Thank you for defending me in the face of the raucous humor of Six. BTW, I appreciate your story about your friend and experiences. I’m sure I can learn a lot from you…

    Tammy – Again, I thank you, you’re A STAR…

  • Preston

    Ashitaka – You’ve already supported my decision with that picture of Spongebob Squarepants a.k.a. the gayest cartoon character since Johnny Qwest…

    Trauma – Thank you for your support. I know my decision was the best one…

    Manon – Valentine’s day never had much meaning to me before this happened. It’s wonderful to feel loved by someone, something impossible for me in the Org…

    …and Scarlet. Thank you for being a good friend to me. Your advice helped to make my decision with my fiance’. That’s important…

  • MrMoe

    TR - Wasn't going to say anything because I wanted to leave anything rude out of Preston's thread... but I can't take it anymore. Two people in love have every right to marry. Anyhow, why did you have the urge to bring up your "political or religious" views on sucha nice thread? It isn't fair that simply because you are a man and a woman you get all sorts of benefits, where as gay couples don't get anything. Talk about gender biased. The whole anti-gay crap is because of religion. Anyhow, what is up with happy nice threads getting hijacked? Here somebody is in love and you mock them and play judge. That is not very nice, in fact I am surprised with you TR. I like you, don't want to cause bad feelings, but I think you owe Preston an apology for being nasty on a thread that has nothing to do with your personal viewpoints, but in fact his personal happiness with his love life.

    Preston - sending you a big hug sweetie. I wish you both the very best!



  • Swan

    I absolutely agree with Amanda and have to speak out too. This was a beautiful thread full of love between a couple and those who wished them great happiness in their future life together. I came back to find what should have been a nice thread marred by insensitive comments. If you don't have anything nice to say, start your own thread and rant on it, or go to one of the many debate threads already started on the subject and post there.


  • riz
    Riz – The splenor of your artistic appreciation can only be eclipsed by you’re pleasant thoughts. Thank you…

    thank you, preston that was really sweet.

    also, for what it's worth, i agree 100% with what amanda said. two men are in love and want to get married. a couple of you don't think that should be an option well welcome to 2003. deal with it.

  • Southland

    awwwww ... congrats to the happy couple!! your love comes through loud and clear.

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