What I think of some of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    You make a generalized statement about "common hate" thereby indicting everyone on this forum, myself included. You don't know me, what my motivations for posting on this board or what my experiences as a Witnesses were and yet you include me in "common hate".

    Next you narrow this down to "some of these people". Finally you narrow it down even more to a "certain individual". So because of a "certain individual" and their deep seated anger and bitterness you feel free to brush everyone here with the same stroke and brand all of us as having "common hate"?

    Now it's my turn to disagree. Whatever grievances you have with that "certain individual" take it up with them and leave the rest of us alone. I am not one to engage in an argument with another poster. I'm a big believer in 'live and let live' but I resent having someone I don't know tell me what my motivations and feelings are.

    I stand by my previous post. I do not see a common hate. I see a group of people reaching out to each other. That's where ideas begin and healing starts.

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  • Mac

    Damn lyin,

    That was scary for a minute!

    mac, of the knows what some people think class

  • LyinEyes

    I feel kind of embarrassed because of all the sweet replies, I wanted this thead to be about you guys, and you say things back to me that make me feel very happy inside.

    I thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendships.

    You all are making me believe in and trust people again. And that is truly a gift you all give. I am sure there are many on this board who feel like I do. For so long we were alone ,even in a congregation of people every week around us, but we were alone. We didnt even know how to really have friends, there were always so many limits, and no time to cultivate any deep level of friendship , the WT made sure we stayed too busy for that.

    Without the support I have received from this board I might would have crawled back into that shell and went back to the only thing I had known before I found my friends here.... so thank my lucky stars I didnt go back to the Kingdom Hall. I wasnt sure about myself a year ago,,,,,,,, I was afraid I wouldnt be strong enough to leave it behind,,,,,,,,, but I have and I know you all had a big part in giving me a helping hand along my path of freedom. For that I will always be grateful.....Dede

  • jgnat

    Dede, you are a fantastic lady. I remember when you came in here so spittin' mad for being reported by a snotty little MS. After a while, you just cosied up the the lot of us. I bet you were just as warm and wonderful at the hall. And now the hall is colder without you and we benefit from your warmth.

    What people find has a lot to do with what they go looking for. I came seeking friendship, and I found it in spades. There are tons of great people here.

  • LyinEyes

    Hey, Jgnat,,,,,,,,, I swear, I was vaccuming the house today and thought of that rat bastage,,,,MS servant. I was mad all over again. Mainly for not doing anything really bad to him.......like rat his butt out. You know I kind of feel sorry for this guy.......... I don't know why,,,,,,,, I still want to slap the hell out of him, but I grew up with him. His dad was a subsitute DO,,,,,and he was the wonderchild of the circuit. I am not sure why he told on us, but I really think he was pressured but I don't know now. The elders, my own Dad, so many were trying to find out what we were up to since we just dropped off the meetings and WildTurkey suddenly stepping down as an elder.

    I was thinking today of how cold we were treated when they called on the phone, they just wanted to hear us say we wanted to be d/a, they didnt even say, give it a day and we will call back. It was like okie dokie, thanks,,,,,,,,,no I hate to hear that, goodbye, kiss off, nothing. It lasted all of three minutes and all those years, along with the friendships were ended.

    I try not to be bitter, but I have my moments. Mostly I am just grateful to be out and try to concentrate on that. It is all of you here on the board that have made it so much easier to get on with my life.

    Hugsssssssss to All............Dede ( Thanks for the compliments JGnat,,,,,it is nice to be cared about)

  • wednesday

    I was not brought here by hate, i came out of a need for fellow humans who many have shared my experinece. I do not seek to harm anyone , only to draw comfort where i can, and extend it to those who need it. There is no comparisson to us and the skin heads. If all u can read is hate, then it is a projection from yourself, not from "everyone" on this board. Sorry , no flames.

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