Did anyone here actually enjoy meetings?

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  • ikhandi

    Seriously, I loved attending the circuit assemblys and district conventions. Maybe it was seeing all those people from all different walks of life being united and worshipping Jehovah. I had a thing for listening to the local annoucements in the km especially if an elder was at the podium because most likely someone was about to get disfellowshipped. I was nosy for I would sit and wonder for the rest of the meeting what they did to get the ax

  • IronGland

    They pretended to teach. I pretended to listen.

  • Truth2Me

    Well, seems I was a oddball because I loved the meetings & I loved going out in service and informal Witnessing....I never wanted to go home. For over a year I never missed one meeting....if I was away visiting a family member, I would attend the local KH there....and I was the only Witness in my family. I was very lonely, and I thrived on the attention, but since I was D'fd I've hardly attended.

    I think I really enjoyed the whole JW experience because I truly believed it, and the meetings were something I looked forward to. Conventions and Assemblies were even more exciting.

    I enjoyed everything about the meetings....seeing my friends and spiritual family....getting to dress-up....giving talks...hearing talks....learning stuff..commenting...everything.....okay except for cleaning the hall....that was the one priviledge that I didn't enjoy....but I did enjoy everything else.

    On the occaisonal visits to the KH that I have made in recent years, it's a different experience, 'cause I'm D'fd and the local cong here doesn't know me. They see my sportcar in the parking lot and they immediately know I'm an outsider...but still they've been kind to me, so if I feel like I want to go....I can.


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