Did anyone here actually enjoy meetings?

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  • berylblue

    I always found them to be painfully boring at best.

    Speaking of meetings, I was in a congregation where people openly admitted that the -only- reason they went was to see who Brother Cassanova-Wanna-Be (you know, the total geek who, in the world, wouldn't be able to pay a prostitute to go out with him, but in the truth, was considered a "catch" by virtue of having a penis) was going to hit on that week.

    This brother routinely preyed upon women, leading them on, in some cases, rather cruelly. He tried it with me, too, but I wasn't going to play. He was an elder. It took over five years of CONSTANT and LOUD outcry by the sisters to have him removed as an elder.

    Which leads me too....

    my next post....

  • ashitaka

    The meetings were a nail-on-chalkboard hell that was inhabited by zombies and devils.

    as for pervert 40 YO single guys, we had a couple of those, and man were they pathetic....LOL

    I remember, one single elder got counsled for having too many Britney Spears posters in his house.

    What a riot.

    Ah, the memories.


  • JT

    I think that most of us if honest will have to say we enjoyed something about being a jw, if nothing more than talking to sister old or bro old in the hospital-

    but like in all abuse relationship - husband and wife, etc there are indeed good times- the problem is when the bad time become life threaten, emotionally damaging and simply unhealthy

    and that is how i see it in wt, to me all religions are basically the same, some dude or gal with a "holy book" that tells you what god wants done or not done, be as it may

    the difference is whether it is a High control group ( you must ask is it ok to FART) OR A LOW CONTROL group where you are allowed to make your own choices in life-

    i truly enjoyed wt esp the assocation i had with others, it was always amazing to me how i could go anywhere in the world pull out my "Brother card" and for the most part you and i had a place to stay

    we would stay up late into the night talking to these folks like we had known them since childhood

    yet many times we had just met 2 hours before-

    YET NOW WE UNDERSTAND that all such friendships were CONDITIONAL

    ray franz put it best,the problem with wt is that its ENTIRE SUPERSTRUCTURE IS BUILT AND STAND ON A LIE :

    "We speak for god , don';t listen and you will die"

  • happyout

    Enjoy the meetings???? BBBWWWAAAAHHHAAHAHAHAHAHA

    I did enjoy the association afterwards with people I thought were my friends, but I can honestly say I never enjoyed listening to the meetings.

  • rocketman

    I enjoyed them up until the brother chairing the meeting announced that it was time to start the meeting. After that, it was all downhill until the final "Amen". Note that I said 'final Amen' and not closing prayer, because often, the closing prayer was waaaay too long and just added one more nail to the coffin of boredom.

  • JH

    Meetings were boring. They were also too long. I couldn't wait for the end to leave. I always left fast.

  • Dawn

    I always enjoyed the tremendously..............when I decided to skip them

  • shera


  • Swan

    Only when every one else in the family went and left me home alone!

  • dsgal

    The meetings were the only time I was welcome.Everything else they left me out of.They would have left me out of the meetings too if their uppety butts could have gotten away with it.

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