Can I ask a favor PLEASE!!!!

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  • SheilaM

    To all:

    My daughter Melanie who is 20, is going through a rough time. I won't go into detail for her privacy, but she is now a single Mom with a 8 month old baby. This day is very hard for her. Thunder called and wished her Happy Valentines Day and she said 'ya, I don't have a valentine". The poor kid is skin and bones and has been vomiting since the whole mess happened. Could you all send a Valentines wish to her, I'll print them off as a surprise for her I'm hoping this makes her happy!


    I'm outta posts sorry, just copy them on the thread and I will print them off or show her on her PC

    THANKS guys the poor kid is so upset

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  • berylblue

    Where do you want them sent? Here?


  • Valis

    Hi Melanie...Happy Valentines Day! Looks like you have a lots on you plate and have it rough right now...just remember to take care of yourself and be good to number 1 first and foremost...if you don't you won't be worth a nickle to anyone else, most especially your child....So, have some chocolate and a good Valentines Day...


    District Overbeer

  • Mum

    Hi, Melanie! Happy Valentine's Day! Kiss that baby for me. I hope you'll give yourself a break with a nice bubble bath and some delicious chocolates or a treat you like better.



  • manon

    Happpy Valentines Day

    XOXOXOXO Melanie & Sweet Pea


  • jgnat

    My daughter was 21 when the rabbit test came back positive. A stressful time for all of us. I am happy that we were close enough that she confided in me the same day she and the father found out. I went through a whole range of feelings. I had wished for my daughter a much easier time of it than I had. I was seventeen when I had my first baby. My daughter said some things in those early days to point me in the right direction and help me be the best mom I could be.

    "Look at it this way, mom. I improved on you by four years."

    "The other side of the family is freaking out and telling me my life is over. You did not panic, and I thank you for that. You simply told me I had signed up for a 20 year sentence. Why don't you do what you do best, and encourage me?"

    My daughter doesn't remember telling me that now, but it cheered me considerably. I am good at being an encourager. I could do that. Regardless of what life throws at us, we can find moments of joy. I have a lovely, wise daughter. My Naomi is the most smartest beautifullest granddaughter in the world. I am a funky, young grandma, and I am loving it. It is so much work raising a child alone. But there are plenty of rewards, too. My life is full of riches compared to what I have given.

    Melanie, a Valentine for you.

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  • Bona Dea
    Bona Dea

    Do you want us to send it to her email or post here? At any rate, I am so right there with her...I know...I am spending today valentine-less because dh is still a dub. She has my heartfelt sympathy!

    Here's hopin' you have an awesome Valentines day, Melanie!!!!!

    And go here, check this out, and consider it my card to you:

    Have a happy one..

    Love, Sadie

  • imanaliento

    Hi Melanie, here's a valentine coming from Nebraska,

    be there and be strong for your little valentine.

  • Ravyn

    Happy Valentine's Day Melanie and Baby!

    From TN soon to be VA!

    Ravyn(of the who-needs-balls-when-you-got-ovaries?-class)

  • SixofNine

    Happy Valentines Melanie! I bet you're a dish, being the daughter of ShielaM. Of course, being the daughter of SheilaM and ThunderRider, you're probably inclined to mate like a bunny rabbit . Which is a good thing imo, lol. Just keep it to one kiddo for now, and you'll be ok, that's what I did.

    Seriously though, single moms are my heros. Believe in yourself, know that we all know it is hard, and nobody does it perfectly. Just do the best you can, and never fall short in the love dept.

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