No new releases? How are the r&f taking this?

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  • pepperheart

    I think that the writing committee will be the next group of people to be kicked out.The watchtower will be printing the new format of the watchtowers and awakes for the next two years then i think they will just keep on reprinting the same stuff and just changing the dates eg issue 1 2018 will become issue 1 2020 and so on

  • nonjwspouse

    I overheard a snippet of complaint/disbelief from my brother in law to his elderly aunt about is being told he was needed to volunteer again, or should I say, "given the privilege", to go an do "parking security" again. This means it's not even a convention for his congregation. Volunteers are running low. and many of those those who are doing this "privilege" and other ones for the convention are elderly, handicapped etc. He was speaking to his aunt in disbelief and disgust that the younger ones were not participating.

    Hmmmm, I found it interesting to hear something not quite so positive.

  • blownaway

    Its the end of the world why would they need releases? All they need to know is, You F'ed up you are going to die now. The preaching message is changing. LOL The carts will just have die bitch die on them.

  • steve2

    Another two "absent" features of the 2018 Be Courageous Conventions were these:

    1. Conspiciously few, if any, references to the year 1914 or its so-called Biblical importance in the time of the end. In fact, I recall no video or symposium speaker uttering that year even once (even if I have missed an utterance or two - that is still a significant drop-off in talking about this once central JW doctrine.

    2. For all the activity of apostate websites and youtube videos, there was no stand alone video or public address at the convention that warned about the "threat" of apostates. Yes, apostates were included in a line up that included other wicked people - but there was no separate address on the dangers of apostasy. Has the GB learnt that warnings about apostasy merely stir up the audience's curiosity?

  • punkofnice

    I thought the idea was to force the unwitting public to suffer watching old rubber mug and co, on iPads and tablets, 'on the doors™'.

    ...IF they even go door knocking rather than stand like stuffed lemons at trolleys (like Jesus commanded).

    If the GB told the Jobos to pull all their own teeth out with a Biro and a nipple clamp, the R&F sheeple would do it, declaring it was a blessing and the best thing yet.

    You just can't win with those brainwashed victims of the scam.

  • stuckinarut2

    Why bother to release "new" stuff anyway, when it will all become "OLD light" within a few years and obsolete?

    So they are just saving the hassles now....

  • pale.emperor

    Come now, when they produced a new release it was always received as "see, we're given bountiful spiritual food by "the slave"!"

    And when no new releases are dished out it's received as "see, they love us so much they're not giving us any extra burden of more reading material! I never did like reading so much anyway..."

    In my experience, reading is only a burden for the non-studious type.

  • WingCommander

    My take: The videos are "releases". They count as spiritual food, council, and guidance, and released at the CUNTventions. So, they are the releases. Saves printing costs for sure, and further indoctrinates the brainwashed. Seems to me effort is being put on RETENTION of members, shoring up bank accounts, reducing overhead, and selling off non-profitable properties. Recruitment? GB doesn't really give a shit about that. The "literature carts" are proof of that. Busy work next to a cart in front of Wal*Mart? Not what I call active recruitment.

  • Searril

    Although they were clearly full of crap, there's no denying that the old guard on the Governing Body really knew how to twist some stories by tying together random scriptures that were intentionally mistranslated just enough to make the claimed interpretations believable to the gullible.

    They were insidious men, but the old guard had some genuinely intelligent people -- they just chose to use their intelligence for evil instead of good.

    I will say that I'm a person who frequently warns people to not mistake malevolence for stupidity. People do it with politicians all the time. "Trump is stupid." "Obama is an idiot." "Hillary is incompetent." "Bush is a nincompoop." None of that's true. They all know/knew EXACTLY what they are/were doing.

    That said, however, this current crop of Governing Body men gives no evidence that I can detect of being able to engage in any type of deep thought. In watching them over the years I have been unable to spot any occasion that I can point to as evidence that they have any clue what they're doing. Everything they do is short-sighted and reactionary -- telltale signs of people who are not cognitively gifted.

    I think there's simply nobody left who can create a book full of new, yet kinda-sorta plausible, horse crap. Everything is just retreads now.

  • LongHairGal


    You’re probably right about those videos. They’re cheaper and more entertaining 😊

    I also think the religion is not into recruitment and those carts are proof of that. That’s a passive ministry.

    I just saw a literature cart at a shopping area and it was ‘manned’ by two women and one man. As I passed, one woman smiled and I gave a half smile back as I walked on by. I’m past the point of even wanting conversation with Witnesses.

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