THIS is how Jehovah operates? Examining GB Jefffrey Winder's words

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  • truthlover123


    Keep on keepin on-- those who still have an issue that because we speak of the early years and rehash 1925 1975 etc. that now is the time to forget the glaring untruths this organization has foisted on its followers.

    The ONLY way to know how this company works, and I do say company, is to continue to gain bodies that will continue to adhere to the listen, obey mantra and don't ask questions. Get those newbies in to give them more money and slave labor volunteers to build their massive, sprawling "safe" houses for the Big A. when it comes.

    Are these guys putting their faith in a brick and mortar building? Protection?

    This is a money making racket and nothing more, supplying its adherents with half truths and lies while using scripture to prove their evil intent.

  • Terry

    What you can say about the Watchtower as an organization is that
    IT BELIEVES IN ITSELF just as much as it believes in Jehovah.

    The men (always men) see themselves as SELECTED out of the many; CHOSEN.

    Out of billions and billions of humans a very few are hand-picked
    by the Eternal Living God.
    That should take your breath away.

    HOW IS IT DONE? Well - don't bother asking.
    They JUST KNOW. Isn't that amazing and bewildering?

    Men who "just know" how very special they themselves are get to make up shit and
    over EIGHT MILLION PEOPLE will automatically agree, respond, and risk their lives to perform
    even the most menial chores over and over - and for FREE.
    It is nothing if it isn't astoundingly MENTAL.

    You find this mentality in SCIENTOLOGY.
    (One of my best friends was a Scientologists. He was absolutely convinced.)
    You find this mentality in CHRISTIAN SCIENCE.
    You find this mentality in insane asylums, prisons, and in UFO, BIGFOOT, FLAT EARTH cults, too.

    I myself at the age of 20 willingly went into prison in 1967 and was paroled in 1969. WHY?
    I WAS TOLD and I believed: it was the right thing to do.
    Was I gullible? Stupid? Naive?
    When I was released from prison I didn't have a job but I married a JW and had 3 kids
    and Pioneered. I could b-a-r-e-l-y afford to pay rent, pay biills, and put food on the table.
    Why did I do this to myself?
    Well - it was just a very few years until 1975. (Hang on Sloopy...hang on.)
    1974 (Can you feel it coming in the air tonight...oh boy!)

    Suddenly - I had a breakdown.
    There was only one year left to go. I was working as a janitor.
    I was a rat on a rat wheel running breathless in circles.
    Exhausted. Poor. Befuddled and - ANGRY at my life.

    I packed up my wife and 3 very small kids into a 1970 Ford Maverick and headed WEST.
    (Go west, young man - go West.)
    I drove from Fort Worth, Texas to Rancho Cucamonga, California!
    My Aunt Shirley took us in until I found a job as an "ARTIST."

    Just as suddenly, I was born anew. Just like THAT!
    I escaped.

    I met REAL PEOPLE. (I made friends for life).

    1975 came and disappeared like an almost sneeze (you almost sneeze but can't.)

    NOTHING happened and all the JW's who held their breath went blue in the face.
    A baptism of disappointment? No.
    A NON-event event.
    A tornado was coming that didn't arrive. One by one, they came out of the storm shelter.

    Dusted off and went back to the rat-wheel ,,,

    I flourished as an artist and as joyful as a frisky kitten!
    THE SPELL WAS BROKEN. But for my wife, and JW friends NOTHING CHANGED.

    I stayed in until I was kicked out.
    I wept. I grieved. FOR WHAT?
    I grieved for the years of my youth I'd never get back in which I sacrificed myself (my time) for
    abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING. For people who claimed to LOVE me but instantly did NOT.

    We all have a story sort of like that. Each a bit different. Some more tragic and some less so.

    The thing is...MANY MILLIONS are stuck inside that sinking ship.
    So many suspect it is a lie but can't say so.

    This Discussion Group is a kind of oasis for travelers who have come through the desert exhausted,
    burned to a crisp, used up, half mad - but (importantly) OUT OF THE MADNESS.

    I still come here after 43 years out of the Borg. I dip my toe in the water.
    I post comments. I tell my story. Over and over again.
    IT IS MY WAY OF PAYING BACK by trying to pull people out of the icy water of fake paradise.

    THE TRUTH just isn't true. It is a factory producing mental illness, wasted lives, delusional zombies,
    empty existence and phony HOPE.

    Your mileage may vary but I wish you well one and all...

  • DesirousOfChange
    I wept. I grieved. FOR WHAT?
    I grieved for the years of my youth I'd never get back in which I sacrificed myself (my time) for abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING. For people who claimed to LOVE me but instantly did NOT. — Terry

    Though I wasn’t “kicked out” (at least not officially), as I read that I thought you were writing MY story. And you were. For me, and countless others. It is absolutely impossible to measure the damage done to so many innocent persons.

    I gather you escaped while in your 30’s. Evidently, I’m a “slow learner” as it took me another 20 years.

  • Terry

    I gather you escaped while in your 30’s. Evidently, I’m a “slow learner” as it took me another 20 years.

    I was 12 years old when I met my "Best Friend" in elementary school, Johnny Santa Cruz.
    We bonded over a love for Monster movies and Jerry Lewis comedies.

    He always brought up the Bible and started asserting bits of "DID YOU KNOW" factoids that actually
    made me feel stupid. My family were not church goers but they believed in God and there was a Bible in the house.
    In other words, I was pig-ignorant about Doctrine or the gestalt of the Bible.

    Johnny and I were intellectually competitive.
    He presented a challenge.

    I couldn't match him fact for fact at all. I knew NOTHING about the Bible.
    I had a huge vocabulary and I was well-read and quick-witted but HE KNEW the Bible.

    It was like a boxing match with one of the fighters' hands tied behind his back.

    We started a "Bible study" and I was smart enough to point out to him that the PARADISE BOOK
    was NOT the Bible. Oh, I gave him a very hard time and he remained exasperated but patient.
    I was invited to the KINGDOM HALL.

    Spending so much time with his family and comparing them to my family - I felt very comfortable going with them and checking it out.
    LOVE BOMBING, friendliness, smiling faces, a welcoming spirit REALLY sucked me in. I was horribly shy but a very bright kid. I could soak up those books and memorize scriptures and I blossomed like field of sunflowers.
    THAT was my beginning of indoctrination. Very pleasant and quite intensive.
    It is easy for me to memorize complicated things. The Bible (and JW doctrine) is a labyrinth of blind alleys.

    Did I "believe" any of it? Hmmmm.
    Honestly, I didn't have to FEEL belief because I had a head full of DATA and I became conversant.

    Back in those days of the nineteen fifties and early sixties, there was no such thing as
    Asperger's or Spectrum disorder syndromes.
    I WOULD HAVE BEEN a shining example, had there been.

    The Kingdom Hall / Jehovah's Witness experience was my THERAPY. It worked for me.

    I learned to meet strangers, shake their hand.
    I learned to be outgoing (I was faking it till I became real).
    I learned public speaking (bye bye shyness - I had a real talent).

    You know how it works - we've all been there.

    My starting date was 1959 and I lasted until 1979. I was baptised the say after JFK was shot.
    November 23, 1963

    GOING TO PRISON was a COMING OF AGE experience for me as a person, a boy into MAN.

    I formed a BOND with other Brothers and learned to talk to God.
    I was transformed into a TRUE BELIEVER as soon as I lied about not being raped.
    I convinced myself!

    Amazing how the mind works when it isn't working.

    When I was paroled, I was out of my frickin' mind. I was a rabid JW, on fire, irrepressible.
    Over a space of 4 years I got worn down to the bone.

    My mind crashed. I was a cornered and desperate animal looking to bite or to escape.
    I escaped to California with my wife and three tiny kids.
    I remained a JW on the margins as my ART career blossomed.
    I made "worldly" friends who treated me wonderfully well and they were good, fine humans.
    NOT the kind of worldly I had had stigmatized inside my head.

    I could say the JW mantra words and go through the motions but splitting my personality
    like that was exhausting and unhealthy. I started SEEING and HEARING the empty
    phrases and excuses for 1975 FAILURE among the Brothers.

    That was the tipping point.
    JW FAITHFUL are talented at talking themselves into it and among each other.

    20 years through the sausage grinder.
    That was more than enough for me.
    I BECAME A HUMAN BEING because the JW's taught me how to communicate with other human beings.
    I became mentally strong because I made it through 1967-69 among criminals and abuse.
    I fond it - I lost it - I found it.

    Over and over.
    What is "it"?
    IT IS ME. Experiencing LIFE through many lenses.

    I've been up, down, over, and out - like the Frank Sinatra song :)
    THAT's LIFE for everybody. Some slower, some faster.
    Age 12 to Age 32.
    That's more information than anybody asked for - but there it is.


    That's life
    (That's life)
    That's what all the people say
    You're riding high in April, shot down in May
    But I know I'm gonna change that tune
    When I'm back on top, back on top in June
    I said that's life
    (That's life)
    And as funny as it may seem
    Some people get their kicks
    Stomping on a dream
    But I don't let it, let it get me down
    Cause this fine old world, it keeps spinnin' around
    I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet
    A pawn and a king
    I've been up and down and over and out
    And I know one thing
    Each time I find myself
    Flat on my face
    I pick myself up and get
    Back in the race
    That's life
    (That's life)
    I tell you, I can't deny it
    I thought of quitting, baby
    But my heart just ain't gonna buy it
    And if I didn't think it was worth one single try
    I'd jump right on a big bird and then I'd fly
    I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet
    A pawn and a king
    I've been up and down and over and out
    And I know one thing
    Each time I find myself layin'
    Flat on my face
    I just pick myself up and get
    Back in the race
    That's life
    (That's life)
    That's life and I can't deny it
    Many times I thought of cutting out but my heart won't buy it
    But if there's nothing shaking come this here July
    I'm gonna roll myself up
    In a big ball and die
    My, my

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