Anyone ever know gays in the hall that are lying to them selfs or others?

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  • dubstepped

    I don't care about carpentry and do enjoy a nice botanical garden yet I'm somehow not gay. Imagine that. I have a feeling that this thread is more about latent trolling than sincere questioning. Sometimes former dubs leave the cult but the views of the cult toward certain people may stick with them.

    It must have been incredibly difficult to grow up gay on the cult. My next podcast is actually about that. An effeminate male may be gay, others may not, still others just have a fucked up view of masculinity.

  • Bella Henry
    Bella Henry

    There are a few who are out, and many who are not. There is a whole underground network of those who are gay and trying to stay in the organization.

    As far as the women are concerned, there are a lot of lesbian couples who basically have a sexless marriage. I think it is easier for women to live like that than for the men. Women are often less driven in that direction than men and as both sexes age, relationships are more about companionship than sex.

    As long as they are not having sex, there is no disfellowshipping offense. All they have to do is not confess.

    It is not anyone's business.

  • Bella Henry
    Bella Henry

    I also think we should be careful about having too narrow a definition of straight/gay or masculine/feminine.

    there are no inherently masculine or feminine tasks - it is what society dictates - and JWs have a narrow, unrealistic view of what constitutes a "real" man or woman. Men can cook, sew, dance, raise children, etc. Women can build, fix things, be interested in sports.... none of which has anything to do with their sexual orientation. Some men are more emotional, some women more logical. Especially when you have individuals who go against the gender norm are we quick to try and categorize them. Some people may be gay, and others may not. How about we just learn and understand them as individuals without jumping to conclusions?

  • Jayk

    When I switched high schools I met this girl at my new high school who knew these witness kids I knew. Turned out she was a lesbian/witness. I remember after meeting her brother and he briefy mentioned "I heard my sister is a lesbian" and I just kinda shrugged it off and told him I didn't know her very well to know that. She always used to talk crap about me for some reason. The witness girl girlfriend and I actually became friends.

  • scruffmcbuff

    Yes i knew of a young lad who ended up DF for it

    My sister who shuns me is a lesbian and her partner is her "room mate" i know this as a fact.

    Both pioneers both still struggle to cover bills!

    They say our love wont pay the rent.....

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @scruffmcbuff: "They say our love wont pay the rent....."

    No romance without finance...

  • JaniceA

    Yeah, some stereotypes rub me the wrong way. Carpentry and gardening. I loved working in shop with dad, rebuilt engines, went hunting and fishing and my hetero creds are well established and firm. My dad was a carpenter and iron worker was also an avid gardener and baker (awesome at it). My uncle who was in army 20 years crochets avidly. He collects eagle paraphernalia and has flamingos and trolls in his yard and looks like a biker. Not gay or in denial. Just an individual.

  • blownaway

    For me it just like what Supreme Court Justice Stewart said in the 60s. I can not define in words pornography but I know it when I see it. With gays. I can tell most times something it not normal. Are there out layers sure. Are they born that way? Who knows for sure. I know some gays who try to act butch to avoid the stereotype. There is a big difference between the school geek who did not play sports and liked math and the guy who wants to braid his hair and pick flowers while wearing speedos. Scum, does your sister lie to herself, tell herself she is not a lesbian? My guess is the cog. DIs. would be high in someone like her.

  • blownaway

    One of the big things I have noticed is that people who have gay tendencies seem to care if they are thought to be gay. I am perfectly happy being straight. but call me gay or queer and what ever dude. I could give a rip. I know a guy who was a friend, he is a JW still I believe. He would actually want to beat up gays. Find them and kick their ass. I used to tell him. I think tho protest too much. I don't think he got it. My feeling was some people who defend one way or the other too much seem emotionally involved and may have some gay tendency's . Or maybe just not well adjusted or mature. The human brain is complicated. But like profilers can tell a serial killer or even a potential serial killer because the brain preforms a certain way with a certain outcome 90 percent of the time. So to with gays and straight.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    There are witnesses who openly admit they are homosexual, but do not act on their feelings. I've heard brothers give talks saying they are attracted to the same sex, but don't act on it and it is a great weight on them and that is their great burden. I've heard others say it in private. It wasn't a big secret back in the day.

    I know non-JW's that are obviously gay and don't wish to be and don't live a gay life-style. Live and let live. Who cares? People have to live the way they want to. There are gay men and women that wish they were not gay and they choose to not act on their feelings. That's their issue. If they want to live that way it's their choice. Who are we to criticize how others choose to live their life?

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