Anyone ever know gays in the hall that are lying to them selfs or others?

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  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    I know a gay JW who is currently DF'd for the third time. The first time his wife was not given "scriptural grounds" for divorce. Since he had sex with a man, it was not considered adultery. The second time around the definition of porneia was changed to include homosexuality and bestiality, but she still didn't leave him. Said she was too old and needed his pension and medical coverage.

    This last time they separated (not legally) and now live on separate floors in the same house. She was not considered "exemplary" and was not allowed to pioneer for about 10 years, because of their living arrangements. That finally got straightened out through the C.O.

    She has convinced herself that not being granted freedom to remarry was a blessing from Big J, because it kept her from foolishly dating a worldly person. She was Df'd for "conduct unbecoming a Christian" before this marriage. They both knew he was gay, but thought they could make it work. Deluded.

    This is what happens when WT interferes in people's personal ives!

  • Hairtrigger

    They more than others are trying to survive in a cult with everything stacked against them. More than straight people. Imagine the guilt they experience. Desert god doesn’t like “men who sleep with men”. But he is their last hope of them ever receiving the “prize”.

    Leave them be I say and let live!!!

  • steve2

    There are some effeminate mannered men who are straight and who are not latent gays. And there are some ultra masculine men who are gay. These defy stereotypes.

    The trouble with JW organization and other conservative religious groups is they “trade” on ignorance and stereotypes.

    I’m gay but do not “show” it -which has its advantages. In the Kingdom Hall, I was never looked at or talked about the way those who “look” gay were.

    As I look back, I am struck by the absence of respect for those who do not fit the mould of being straight and the sniggers and whispering about congregation members who were effeminate or, in the case of sisters, “butch” looking.

    JW organization breeds innuendo and dehumanising of others who do not comply with straight stereotypes.

  • minimus

    I knew of an elder that used to watch gay porn and admitted he was homosexual but would not act on it. In the 1990s he was rumored to have AIDS but I don’t know if that was really true.

  • blownaway

    WOW great stories. Now i know I was not the only one. Some of your stories made me remember one. When I was young, about 9 there was a Jewish by race, he is long gone so his name is not an issue, Weinstein. All I remember about where he came from is that he lived in the bottom of the kingdom hall in the basement. I would talk to him and my cousins who were good friends of mine had an aunt who he married. I remember my mother saying that guy is homosexual. Gay was still happy back then. Late 60s. Several JW women would get on my mother for this saying she was so wrong. Well they had several kids, and named them stupid names like Brandy and other liquor names for the wine pun. Well they moved to Florida back in the late 70s. We were told he ended up running off and leaving his wife with a bible study male. I asked my mother now I am a bit older. How did you know he was Homosexual. She said he had no real interest in girls. You could just tell he loved talking to the other guys and was so effeminate.

  • blownaway

    I am not sure I believe that someone who is so effeminate is not really gay even if they don't know it them-self. I have a cousin, who is married and not a JW. His dad is an non practicing believer but he has never had any real contact with the cult. This guy is so damn effeminate it screams gay. He is more like a woman than some women. He and his wife bought an old house, his dad is a carpenter by trade. His dad would complain that his son would sit and watch him do the work as he had no interest in it, He did get into the flower planting and I am not joking. I would drive to work and he would be standing outside looking at his flowers. some don't know they are gay.

  • joe134cd

    I can think of 3 cases of witnesses who on coming out as gay just confirmed what I thought. I can think of one example where a group of us were out side playing football, and try as hard as we could we could not get this brother to come and play with us. He passed up his mates so he could sit at home and write out baking recipes. I just knew from that moment.

  • Whynot

    There are plenty of gay people in the organization. I really don't understand how they can put up with the anti-gay remarks at the meetings. I know 1 who got married and had a child. I don't know if he's still in. Poor guy. Another was in bethel for 20 years. Nice guy! He was very handsome and well-mannered. I really liked him. He left bethel, came out of closet but was still in. But 3 years afterwards he left for good. One of my ex's came out of the closet. I had absolutely no idea lol. He got baptized young. And of course you see those very close couples in the congregation who spend waaaay too much time together and have sleepovers even though their married. People accuse them but when confronted they deny, deny, deny. Oh well. Are their husbands really that clueless? Lol

  • blownaway

    I do think they may not even understand that they are gay. The cognitive dissonance my be so great.

  • jws

    I've known some effeminate guys. Effeminate gestures, always the brightest dressed. He married, but if you ever saw the look on his wife's face, she looked very unsatisfied. That's all circumstantial. And I found out there were rumors that he and another guy at the hall (also a bit effeminate) used to be lovers.

    And I've known of some women at the hall that left and turned out to be gay. And some others I always wondered about. Like two older sisters who had lived together for years. Neither ever married.

    I am offended by the insinuation above that the guy who had no interest in carpentry might be gay. My dad was a carpenter. On my mom's side almost all of the men were carpenters. I have no interest in it. But, like 5 cousins on my mom's side, we're very skilled computer programmers. And only one of us is gay.

    The cult forces them to repress any tendencies. And teaches them it is purely a mental thing, not genetic. So of course, they're not going to think they're gay. They're going to think it's just a bad thought and repress it.

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