I never realized how boring I was.

by John Aquila 24 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Londo111
    I'm still boring. Of course, I never pretended to be anything else. :)
  • panhandlegirl

    Apparently, your wife has not spent any time at a university if she compares that education with a stupid dog being trained to sit and lie down. I have two degrees and I know what it takes to earn a degree. I cannot remember how many papers I have written and how many presentations I have had to present in all those classes. I have not read many of your posts but I venture to say that you are much more interesting than your wife or any other jw. I have two sisters and many cousins still in the Borg and they are BORING and self centered. I have three brothers who learned the TTATT and left years ago. We have many interesting conversations My oldest brother gave one of the main talks at the 1963 JW convention at Pasadena, CA. Just judging by the name you have chosen for yourself shows you are an interesting person. I don't dislike jws as a whole because, like the rest of you, I used to be one and behaved just like them.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    Vidiot 35 minutes ago

    The JWs I knew always said I was interesting.

    But then, look where I ended up.

    Welcome Vidiot to the site where all the boring people post.


  • BluesBrother
    That’s why it takes a while to adjust as an Ex-jw.

    I find that I am still adjusting , all these years later..... Too much time spent in the company of dubs, I guess. .. I cringe when I think back and remember some of the things I used to say...

    NB Sorry to read of your family troubles John Aquilla. You are anything but boring.

  • ToesUp

    "When they are getting old, and are broke, sick, burying their spouse, they'll see that something is indeed wrong. No Panda Petting Paradise for them."

    I agree with what Doc posted earlier. We have family members (still in) that are experiencing the above. Some have actually said they know the new system will not be here in their lifetime. Sad!

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