I never realized how boring I was.

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  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    As a true believer in the Watchtower, I never knew how truly boring I was until being out for a couple of years and then sitting down with a group of JWs and having a conversation.

    That’s what happened this morning. I decided to go have breakfast at McDonalds and a group of JWs who were out in service and know me also stopped for breakfast and sat down with me and we talked for about an hour.

    I was kind of excited, because I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been musing about.

    I felt like talking about what I have been learning, but then I realized that what was on my mind was something they would not comprehend. I wanted to ask them what they thought about the new species that was found recently and what they thought?

    But alas, I knew their response would be; “It’s a hoax, man has only been here 6,000 years”

    I wanted to ask about their opinion on the; “EU Refugee Crisis”

    But alas, I knew their response would be; “Jehovah will take care of that soon, if all those people don’t change anyway, they will be destroyed, problem solved.”

    I wanted to ask what they thought about how long dinosaurs were here on the earth and how they disappeared.

    But alas, I knew their response would be; “Dinosaurs –ski-e-saurs, that’s not what’s important, The Kingdom is what’s important, and it’s just around the corner.”

    On the personal side I wanted to ask, “What do you think are some important outstanding qualities a woman can have these days?

    But alas, I knew their response would be, “She should be pioneering”

    I wanted to ask, “What would be a good career for young people to enter these days?”

    But alas, I knew their response would be; “Forget careers, we are so close to the End.”

    I wanted to share my experience of learning how to play the Guitar.

    But alas, I knew their response would be; “No time for that now, we will have plenty of time to learn all the instruments in the NEW ORDER.”

    One of them brought up the subject about the latest Watchtower Study and how close we are to the end. Another brought up the subject and how the organization is growing so fast, and another brought up the subject on how simple the overlapping generation idea is to comprehend. Another brought out the idea of how people are asking for Bible studies by the thousands because of the cart witnessing. A young one expressed his desire to pioneer and another wanted to volunteer full time in the construction work.

    All Jehovah’s Witness can talk about is; “Paradise Earth is around the corner, Jehovah will solve everything, the organization is growing so fast, lets pioneer, The Devil is controlling everything, we need to reach out for privileges, the Governing Body is taking care of us, just obey the Governing body no matter what, and last but not least, “Paradise is going to be so nice”

    Just before our visit ended, I realized one thing,

    That was me, that’s all I used to talk about, nothing else.

    That’s why it takes a while to adjust as an Ex-jw.

  • Oubliette

    I'm glad you're not boring anymore.

    Welcome to the rest, and THE BEST, of your life!

  • Sabin
    John Aquila, boring isn't a word that comes to mind when I read your comments. Yes you very well may have talked constantly about the kingdom but I think people who have a good sense of humour are that way wether they are JDub`s or no. I do agree that it is quite a shock when you listen to them & it`s the only thing they can talk about. Why is that do you suppose?
  • FayeDunaway

    John im thinking you've always been interesting. You're a reflective person who tells a story really well and your posts are a must read for me.

    sabin you beat me to it!

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    it is quite a shock when you listen to them & it`s the only thing they can talk about. Why is that do you suppose?

    It's because those poor souls eat, drink, work, play, sleep Watchtower doctrine.

    When a person finally leaves the WT and starts assimilating with the rest of the world of humankind, you feel like someone who has been living in some hidden jungle with a small group of people who always believed and taught that the rest of the world was demonic. It takes awhile to get rid of the fear and let people into your life.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    Thanks for that, it really helps and I'll tell you why. When my wife finally decided that she had to end the marriage because I was a danger to her spirituality, I tried to reason with her that I was not a danger. In fact I tried to help her see that everything I did was to help our family now and into the future. I remember telling her;

    "What man is willing to go back to school for 10 years and get a degree while working full time, so he can better his family?"

    I still remember her reply.

    "Any Stupid Dog can be trained to sit and lie down, but that doesn't make him smart or interesting"

    On top of that, all her JW friends view me as a stupid man and her as exceptionally wise because she is still regular pioneering and I became inactive.

    I keep having these dreams that one day everyone will see what I finally discovered----TTATT.

  • Sabin
    John that is so sad & mean, I don't want to sound crass & sorry if this offends but it sounds to me that she was the dog that bit the hand that fed her. Why the hell would you say something so cruel to anybody especially your husband. The talking about the kingdom all the time, I did the same. Not the kingdom so much but bout Jesus & in truth I still love talking bout him, wether you believe its real or just a story when I think how he treated others it makes me feel quite small (not in a bad way you understand). In the main most JDub`s go on cause they never feel good enough so they are trying to boost themselves, lets face it the org wont. For others it`s self-righteousness, others fear they think it`s what is expected of them like the young man who wants to pioneer but in his heart he doesn't. I`ve felt all these things at some time or another according to who it is I`m talking to, and I bet everyone else has at some time to.
  • Village Idiot
  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    For others it`s self-righteousnes

    I believe that describes a lot of people in the WT organization. Most just can't see it though, and the ones that finally do and can't take it anymore, are posting on this site-LOL!

  • LisaRose

    I had a long unintentional fade, as life experiences and problems made it more and more difficult to live the JW life. As I gained more experience outside of the organization and was less influenced from inside it, I found I had less and less in common with most JWs. I knew a person that was proud of the fact that the only thing they ever read was the Watchtower and Awake. I could not relate to that as I am a lifelong reader and interested in many things, and the magazines are written at a third grade level. While I am no scholar, I would go crazy if that is all I could read. Eventually I felt like a square peg in a round whole, it became very harder and harder to go to the meetings, I hated every minute and I was treated like an outcast.

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