Some Butt-clenching JW quotes...

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  • Sparks

    "(((I)))would rather DIE than miss a meeting !"

    "I`m reaching out "

    "My only REAL family, is at the Kingdom Hall"

    "...yes but, I`ve been brainwashed- clean-with the Truth"

    "We live in a spiritual paradise"

    "...I ONLY have a television set to watch the wildlife programs"

    "I ALWAYS read the study articals in the Watchtower FIRST"

    "The Awake! magazine is the equivalent to a Phd degree"


  • Buster

    "Better to be wrong with Jehovah than

    right and on your own"

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  • Elsewhere
    "...I ONLY have a television set to watch the wildlife programs"

    "Wild Life"

    Translation: The most extensive porn collection you have ever seen.

  • Beans

    She's a good sister, I wonder why she's still single? She's ugly!


    I'm mentally ill, but that'll be fixed in the New System.

    yeah right!

  • manon

    When armageddon arrives.

    Do you think they'll make it to paradise?

    This or that is so satanic.

    They are spiritually weak.

    Don't associate.

  • Buster

    Of course its a matter of conscience. But do you think we'll be ...(fill in the blank) ....... in the new system?

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  • minimus

    " Do you want to send your love to the ----------Congregation?.....NO!!!!! "Stay alive til 75"......" This is all part of the composite sign"...."thinking persons..." "1975 is the end of 6000 years of human rule"

  • betweenworlds

    My poor mom out of guilt would always drag herself to the meetings even when she felt like crap. She would say something like "Well, I guess my headache isn't going to feel any worse at the Kingdom Hall than it is here"


  • caligirl

    "Jehovah willing, _______________ will happen/not happen/work out/get baptized/study/repent, etc".

    "Jehovah's blessing was on our trip/vacation because it didn't rain." (This was a favorite when the local missionary was home for a week and the family and friends went camping at the ocean. Always made me want to gag!)

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