Some Butt-clenching JW quotes...

by Sparks 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Maverick

    Dear Shakita: That was wonderful, I laughed out load. The C.O. is just a corporate inspector general who makes sure the "locals" are following corporate policy and sending them their cut! Take a look at the Baptism Nullification letter in this forum and give me your opinion. Thanks for the great imput folks, this one is very cool! Maverick

  • Sparks

    Dawn that was perfect,so true!!! They ALL are.But may I just add a tiny bit please:-

    ".....Leave it in Jehovah`s hands... + Don`t get yourself in a jam !" [BBC Panarama]

    ( Butt clenching doesen`t always work...That statement still gives me the sh**s !]

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