The Cry for Peace & Security WHEN?????????...

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    When I was a Witness, they were saying that cry happened about 1990 or something. It was a quote from the first Bush president.

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    Guest 77

    Forward, why should PS come from God? How many people listen to one god when they're many gods? Terrorists,terrorism is on the lips and minds of people globally since 9/11. The News media have bombarded the public with terrorism to such an extent that its now a household word.

    People don't have to outrighly say, Peace & Security. What people want from their governments is relief and protection from terrorists and this is happening on an international scale. This is not a local out cry. Why is the U.S. on high alert? Again, their using the media to foster fear in the hearts of people. This fear will result in needing protection, a cry for peace and security. Its no more different than a person being attacked crying for help. Is the person under obligation to say please help me or could they say, call the police, call the police? Now if the criminal had a gun to to your head wouldn't you cry out, GOD help me? Its been know that bystanders have watch people get attacked and not do anything! If people don't want to personally get involved, call the police. Anyways, I'm creating a scenario.

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