The Cry for Peace & Security WHEN?????????...

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    Peace and security from the 'terrorists'. Isn't Bush pushing a fight against international terrorism? We can't have peace and security if we have terrorists running around globally. If the U.S. is presently on high alert, what about the other countries?

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  • SloBoy

    Yesirrreee!.........whatever goes down, the "true channel of divine light" has it covered. My wife and I refer to it as "Win/Win" dogma. It's a great tranquilizer/anti-depressant. Little wonder it's such a struggle for some to "get-out".

  • foreword

    You got it all wrong.....

    It's not for the governments to call for P&S

    It's for the people to call it...and they will ask for the imperfect governments to provide it...thats where they will go wrong and that's where the mark of the beast will come into effect....

  • hillary_step
    The Cry for Peace & Security WHEN?????????...

    I have never seen a reasonable explanation as to why this scripture was not speaking of the fall of Jeruslaem in the C1st. Apocalyptic interpretation of scripture is about as reliable as a nymphomaniac in heat.


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    Guest 77

    Forward, care to explain further?

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  • foreword


    Because P&S should come from God, when people will ask for governments to provide this for them, like they are starting to do right now, it will be the sign that they have no belief that god will ever provide it for them.

    By asking Govs. to do it, while they know the impossibility of them to provide it, they are actually asking for the mark of the beast. That is why sudden destruction comes upon them because of their request to the wrong person to provide P&S.

  • ARoarer

    When ever it is that they are crying peace and security, could be said about the Watchtower Publishing Corp. They have always bragged how they dwell in a "spiritual paradise" and they are at peace and have security within. I guess he who thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall. The Organization is fighting it's own little wars within since in thier hautiness they scoffed at other religions of "Christendom" and arrogantly drew cartoons of clergy running with arrows in thier butts, and little children being carried by their mothers while buildings fell on them. Look who's under the heat now. I don't think they feel very secure anymore.

  • archangel01

    Hello everyone ,Remember the year 2000 was a year of peace so to speak by the pope.The scripture saids "whenever they are saying" meaning they don't have peace but are saying it. The year 2000 was like that, then in 2001 sept 11 that all changed.So maybe sept 11 2001 was the start of the tribulation!If that's true then things can only get worse not better. Any comments?????????????

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    One day a person was looking for the real truth, the "true religion", so they could put their energy, what they had, in the 'right' place. They examined the written details that the religion had about God, and checked whether this agreement was indeed the 'right' one. The elders assured them that they were safe, and that their efforts would be rewarded - that they had come to the 'right' place, and it was everyone else that was done for - even including those who had charity but were in someone else's obviously false 'truth'.

    At last they thought, I'm safe with these people and my efforts won't reward evil folk, but rather those who deserve it, those with the right "heart condition".

    At last, "peace and security".


    Why do people want to nail Him down before they lift Him up - don't they trust Him or something ?

  • m0nk3y

    The complete fact that this could be and has been reasoned by the WTS to a hundred different ocasions .. I mean even with Nostal-darmus and his prophesies you look hard enough and you will see a connection ... just like if you stare at a pattern long enough you will see faces and other shapes/objects ... like looking at clouds.

    Its all BS

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