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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Just to add, for those who may have been the spiritual guide to certain JWs: there's a sense of abandonment on both sides. Very difficult to cope with. Guilt, frustration, anger . . .


  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Welcome back - the changes really are startling! Seems like the only thing that's holding fast is the shunning. Them ol' boys are hangin' on tight to that big stick.


  • freemindfade

    Welcome back!

    I can honestly say that in the congregations I am not alone so we of like minds keep each other company while enduring the misery of the Organization.

    this is what i am suspecting is growing daily.

  • GodZoo

    Just a little heads up.. the old religion you were in, and the new religion you are in.. are both crap.

    People keep harkening back to the time and getting all nostalgic when they say it was a good religion.. it was the true religion.. it was the whatever religion.

    WAKE THE HELL UP!! It never was any of those things. It's ALWAYS been a whole crock of horse shit but most were just too idiotic and gullible or pompous or so far up their own asses they could not see past a dumb stupid Awake article on anything.

    Most were mollycoddled and love bombed into the the fake truth.. now they want to be mollycoddled and love bombed out of it. Pathetic..

    Man up for goodness sake.

  • freemindfade
    Just a little heads up.. the old religion you were in, and the new religion you are in.. are both crap.

    regardless its nice its exposure and visibility as such is higher now.

  • TheListener

    Godzoo, as usual your post states your feelings in a direct manner. Although I didn't see any comments on the thread where someone was asking to be love bombed out of the fake truth.

    What I read was an OP and several follow ups of people trying to survive and find whatever small amount of happiness they can while dealing with the reality of their situation.

    DY, glad to see you post again.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Happeanna, you certainly elicited some interesting responses. The advice ranged from remaining passive to being yelled at to "Man up!". I would love to send a DA letter telling them to shove it but it isn't pragmatic at this time for me. I have made a happy fade and care not what the org tells me to do. I hold to some habits, no longer beliefs, such as not celebrating Xmas etc. simply because I do not have any reason to. Only one family member active but she is a true believer so its easier for me to fade. I celebrate your return here, it says something about your level of frustration and disgust. Just remember that stress of that sort eats you inside and makes you physically ill. Do what you need but have a strategy to remain healthy despite the mental illness you choose to surround yourself with. Good luck friend. Keep posting.
  • cyberjesus

    There is real happiness outside of the cult. I was 4th Gen JW. Dozens of my family are still in. I rather enjoy my life out here fulltime than part time inside with my zombie family.

    But to each its own

  • Giordano

    Welcome back DY. You know that the JW's prize honesty and love. So if you can fake it you've got it

    There does come a time when you have to become your honest self. At least enough to get some safe space around you.

    My usual advice is to take one unassailable issue and stick with that as to why you have cut back on whatever has become too much.

    That issue is the JW pedophile problem. On the one hand Jesus says suffer the little Children. On the other hand he promotes the two witness rule.......... however the context is for adults to work things out.....not children. When it comes to children who are sexually abused you can not apply the two witness rule. Definitely read up on ARC and any of the many non ex JW sources on Google.

    If you make that the issue you will avoid censure and DAing. You will not be shunned because there is no defense or reason to wait on Jah when a crime has been committed.

  • Magwitch

    Welcome back Doubtfully Yours!

    My heart really goes out to all of you that have to live a double life. I honestly do not know how many of you keep going. This past summer, while my condo was under construction, I lived with my dear old JW parents for 9 weeks. Before moving in, I told them that out of kindness to them I would go to the Sunday meetings. There are not enough negative adjectives to describe those nine Sundays.

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