Women must not instruct men, even by singing a theocratic song.

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  • punkofnice

    It shows how lost the WBT$ are. They're just showing the world how bonkers they are.

    This is total Kool aid stuff.

  • Rattigan350

    I thought this was Christianity, not Paulianity. Why so much following of what Paul said?

  • _Morpheus

    I think we are missing something a bit more significant. I submit that the wording change wasnt about some imaginary possibility that a woman may accidentally “teach” a man through a song... dont get me wrong, the org is really that stupid and petty, but i think its a bit deeper.

    This is all about self indoctrination. With this newest song book all the wordings were changed to personal pronouns instead of collective references. Go back and look at the brown book and then at the newest crappy song book. The changes are startling, at least they were when i was still in. I realized how personal they had made the songs and how weird it felt to sing the words when i didnt agree. The brown book, even when i was awake, never made me feel that way... it was all in the wording.

  • Diogenesister
    Yea, I guess JW women of today are better off than their first century counterparts. And much better off than their ancient Israelite counterparts.

    Except, of course, there were ancient Isrealite female JUDGES, isn't that exercising pretty big authority ( looking at you Paul) & prophetesses and 1st century Christian women were ministerial servants ( Pheobe) and Apostles (Junia) . Apostle means messenger and Pheobe was entrusted to bring messages to the congregations, too.

    Given the era we live in I believe jw suffer the most prejudice of any Christian religion and arguably any religion. Given the least respect as they are purely drudges to Watchtower.

    As Stan says, too, can JW women with a head covered now PROPHESY? Wonder if they'd do a better job than The GB??

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Oh Guard Your Hearts you Sons of Men if you would win life's prize ......

    Darn the WT has found out our nefarious plan to rule over men all these years.

    The old brown (or was that the first green one?) songbook - Take my Silver and my Gold, nothing lord would I withhold... I bet they regret getting rid of that song now. But it was probably stolen from Christendom..

  • OrphanCrow
    IslandMan: But there's a stark contradiction here: Women are allowed to preach to men in the house to house ministry. So it's not just sexism. It's bigoted sexism. It's ok for JW women to instruct non-JW men in the ministry because worldly men are somehow inferior. Baptized JW men are superior. Us vs them and sexism rolled into one.

    I think that is a critical observation

    This goes towards explaining the dynamics of why a JW woman would/could tolerate the extreme submissiveness required for their position. When you add in the component of "us vs them", which results in elitism, a person can better understand a JW woman

    Being a JW woman comes part and parcel with the notion that they are better than all other women and not only that, they are more special/better than any other man on the planet

    Their elevated position above all the rest of humanity is what carries them through their servile and shameful submission to male authority. It is only JW males who dominate them - the rest of the males are beneath their lofty and privileged position. And besides, once they get through their penance here and they bust through the gate after Armageddon....Jah will fix all that

  • waton

    taken together with the avalanche of now fashionable sexual interference revelations, (check your daily resignation roster), The evisceration of the males' evolution-derived pro-sex attitude is in full swing. Wt actually provides more microphone-amplifier time to the female voices than most religions, by number. No Catholic or Muslim voices there.

    ladies be grateful to wt. The coveted Micro***-phone servant positions are all to mostly serve you.

    ***to show how miniscule a coveted privilege can be.

  • Cimarrona

    Astute observation @Morpheus

  • freddo
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