Anyone miss "Scholar" who used to post here? Found him!

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  • sir82
    sir82 the JWTalk thread covering the September broadcast re: "generation".

    Poor Neil, he comes on this forum, he gets hammered.

    Goes on the virulently pro-JW forum, gets hammered.

    You'd almost think he was a, couldn't be.....

  • neverendingjourney

    His repeated use of his "celebrated Watchtower scholars" catchphrase indicates his intent is, at least in part, to troll.

    Seriously, even if he believes his own reasoning, who talks that way in real life?


    His repeated use of his "celebrated Watchtower scholars"

    He could never name any..


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  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    Funny reading that thread on JW talk. You have ones on there kissing the GB butt, and others on their stating this is so clear how can anyone be confused??? Yeah right. I know a few JW at work who couldn't even begin to explain the overlapping generation nonsense.

    So funny

  • umbertoecho

    Yes, he does manage to displease everyone with his comments and I think he is searching for substantial evidence that he has got the right "truth". They hammer him for being disappointed and so it goes........

    Having just read that thread, they are all "pleased" with Splanes explanation. Yet, what all witnesses seem to forget about this passage re Christ and..... This Generation not passing away.... Is that he is talking in the present tense in his address to the Apostles.

    Many times I have heard and used the expression the younger generation or the older generation to identify certain people who were contemporary to that time. My generation came from the hippy era. My mothers from the post WW2 generation.

    "This generation" sounds like Jesus is talking about the here and now of his time, his peers ........Not that I'm preaching, not at all. It's the improper use of the "this" that is misapplied by the GB.

    It's also the lack of research on all levels that allows them to swallow anything they are told. So much easier that way.

  • LostGeneration

    That was amusing. He wonders aloud why they won't update the online insight book and gets hammered for it.

    Gawd reading through the rest of that drivel was mind numbing.

  • Dagney
    Frustrating to read but also always entertaining. He and Ann O'maly had some great discussions.
  • Spectre
    You could have played a drinking game based on when he would use the phrase, "celebrated watchtower scolars". Good times!
  • opusdei1972

    Only brainwashed persons can "appreciate" the absurdity of the "overlapping generation" stuff.

    This is one of the most stupid exegesis of the theological rubbish of the Watchtower's fantasy.

  • opusdei1972

    I was rather disappointed in the explanation of 'this generation' by David Splane in the September Broadcasting. He really explained nothing but simply added to the confusion over the interpretation of this most problematic phrase. Further, the current explanations seem at odds with what is now published on this subject in the updated online Insight to the Scriptures.

    A much more prudent interpretation of matters is simply to return to what was published in the Watchtower in 1927? that 'this generation' represented the Church or the Anointed as a whole which is well supported if one consults the meaning of the Hebrew/Aramaic form of which Jesus spoke in his Olivet discourse.

    scholar JW

    The problem with this guy (Scholar JW) is that he is trying to THINK, not understanding that the theological Watchtower's rubbish is for ACCEPTING it, without using the brain.

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