Anyone miss "Scholar" who used to post here? Found him!

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  • Scully

    Yes, I missed him. But then again, I'm not a very good shot.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Ugh. Those comments......such sheeple.


    If you are confused as to the exact understanding of the generation, consider this:

    • Regardless of just when it started, it is not over - the end has not yet come
    • There are more urgent things we need to concentrate on - like preaching
    • None of us can always understand everything - Jehovah's knowledge is much deeper that ours
    • Even if we never do fully discern when it began, it will end exactly when it is supposed to

    Perhaps, just exercise faith and move on :thumbsup:

  • Heaven
    'Scholar' and 'JW'... definitely an oxymoron.
  • garyneal

    I was reading an exchange between scholar and myself last night.

    Definitely miss him.

  • garyneal

    JP Cook said:

    No Neil, we're not going back to 1927! What Br. Splane explained about the Generation goes hand in hand with what is explained in the book "God's Kingdom Rules" on page 12. The graph is pretty clear. It is really a very simple concept. I think the reason folks have trouble with it is because they are reading too much in to it! If one is anointed before 1914 and saw the events at that time, as Br Franz did, they are part of the generation, then, those anointed after 1914 seeing these events occur, are still part of the generation. Using the example Br Splane used, any that were anointed and saw the events after 1914 while Br Franz was still alive are part of his (Br Franz) generation... those anointed before Br Franz died continue that generation even after Br Franz died. Any that were anointed after Br Franz death were not part of that generation.


    This poor guy is defending the indefensible. His last statement will later stumble him when the generation teaching gets changed again which is inevitable. I almost feel sorry for people who try so hard to rationalize bull shit.

  • garyneal

    peper eliot said:

    So, if brother Sanderson was anointed in 2000, even if he was baptized in 1975, he couldn't be a part of " this generation "


    ...and the cracks are beginning to appear.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    I like that 90's Watchtower with the old people on it and it that says this generation will not pass away and they have all since kicked the bucket. That sums up the Watchtowers generation teaching in a nut shell.
  • umbertoecho

    Ex Priest Rev Alexander Hislop " The Two Babylons" is one of those Scholars the WTBTS loves to quote when it suits them. Be'Duhn, is another one who ( as someone pointed out to me on this forum) disputed the use of Jehovah in the "appendix" of his 200-page book. Such selective use of "scholars" is suspicious enough alone....It is a poor way to refute without offending the JWs by Be'Duhn... (by the way it is believed quite a few of his family are JWs)

    Too many examples to choose from. Examples that are poor; for, upon reading the entire book of A is quickly evident that he is not some JW apologist. Yet they eagerly quote the little points that make them, the WTBTS look "correct" in their reasoning. I wonder how this Hislop chap would feel if he knew he was being literally used and abused by dint of a few observations in this book that gratify the JW religion.

  • TD

    Hislop was no scholar and his work was a sham, as time after time, he simply assumes that things are connected simply because they are facilely similar.

    But I agree with you. Back when I was much younger, the JW's were very fond of quoting Rachel Carson, Paul Ehrlich and others because their dire warnings about the effect of population growth on the environment dovetailed with the 1975 prediction. The fact that these people were speaking within the broader framework of biology, which included acceptance of evolutionary theory, didn't seem to trouble JW writers,

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