Are all congregations the same?

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    Sparks, your opening post had me in stitches. I was beside myself with laughter.

    I attended different congregations here in Canada, and a couple in the USA (visiting).

    When I think back to my first one, it was seemingly OK, but after careful observation it was like, if you were not brought into the Truth by such-and such you were never embraced by them. It was so odd! The people who did not introduce you into the Truth nor studied with you, spoke to you when you either made a mistake or to correct you . It would really get you down.

    One older sister, she used to compare the congregation to the movie: Watership Down (animated). She had nicknames for certain ones in the Kingdom Hall. She was not malicious, but tried to humour the imperfections of others.

    Another congregation I was in, was in a small city. It was OK, initially, but like any place, familiarity gradually displays cracks and faults. The small city congregation had some nice people. But the cliques.....good grief! Too much.

    A rural congregation I attended was fun. The people there were not uptight, and were a bit rough around the edges but overall: sincere.

    When I attended a congregation in south central Ontario. It was like: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE? It was so cold, cool, and unfriendly. I noticed people did not smile and it was very unhappy . Even people who moved there said that to me after I commented on the obvious displays of lethargy and indifference.

    In Toronto, I attended a few congregations here and there. Some were OK, while others were drab, pretentious or dull. Some congregations were like fashion shows, some were modest, others austere.

    I don't think it was unique here. I think you'd run into a wide variety of congregation-types no matter where you went.

    I know many of the people who attended the meetings were sincere, albeit miguided, but believed in it whole heartedly. That actually makes me more sad when I think about it. Good people whose lives are wasted.

    Sparks, good post and very funny too. I think having a sense of humour in retrospect has helped many of us exDubs to heal and move forward. I know it has helped me immensely. I mean: Rayzorblade was once a JW?

    Hilarious in when I recount my experiences and the unnecessary torture I put myself through. Dumb as a stump I was.

    My favourite brothers and sisters: Sister Grouchy, Brother Distorted, Sister Revlon, Brother Mucous, Elder Decibel, Pioneer Bulemia, elderly Sister Snotty

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  • bay64me

    Sparks, I really enjoyed reading your post. I know all those people too.

    In my old congregation, we had a Sister Ohsospirichal. Always had volunteer talks prepared in the likelyhood that somebody would shit out at the last minute. Famously attired in her usual Laura Ashley number. White ankle socks were no stranger to her and her head was always tilted ever so slightly to the side at a particular angle so as to assist her, (I presume), to look more innocent and child-like.....She was in her fifty's!

    We also had Sister Condescending, who would always feel the need to give a better comment than whoever had commented previously, she had always researched more, or expressed what had already been said in a more eloquent manner. She always had her say, mainly because it was her elder husband that usually did the watchtower study.

  • Thirdson

    Hi Sparks,

    You must have attended all the same halls as me. I used to look around at the people at assemblies and wonder if I looked as strange and weird as everyone else...I guess I did. I have attended many, many different halls in England, several in Australia, a couple in Canada and a half-dozen in the US. Except for regional accents there was not much difference between any of them. You can figure out who's who? in a Kingdom Hall in one sitting.


  • Noumenon

    Jesus said 'by their fruits you will recognise them'. There's certainly plenty of 'fruits' (kooky fruits) in the congregations.

  • mrs rocky2
    mrs rocky2

    Speaking about the Pacific Northwest region of the US. The faces are different, but the personalities are all the same.

    Growing up our dad was Theocratic Ministry School Overseer and our book study conductor. We were required to answer if no one else would, or give parts/talks on a moment's you might have met someone like us, really abnoxious to have to hear us all the time. But if we weren't prepared to save good old dad we were punished at home.

    Great post! btw

    Mrs R

  • ikhandi

    Sparks your truly a riot and intuitive! I All of those friends were in my former cong. Will not forget Brother I Am Stumbled By Everything. He took it upon himself to tell me privately aftrer service that my Betty Boop air freshner dangling from my rear view mirror was stumbling him. Come on now who is stumbled by a cartoon character? He needed to get a life. I love Betty and I am not giving her up for anything. I mean shes cute and all but damn. I also love I love kitty.


  • bay64me

    Mrs Rocky,

    I am so glad to have read your post.

    I must say, at the expense of displaying my ignorance. I have never, ever, thought about things from your point of view before.

    Thank you for your insight.


  • ballistic

    Rayzorblade was once a JW?

  • Sparks

    A BIG BIG THANKYOU TO { in post order]:-
    NameWithheld: "...freaks,weirdos,power tripers,demi-gods.." sickenly nosalgic! Thanks for great post.
    Starfish: Obviously not! ( love the name "Starfish" ) Thanx.
    Mrs Nightworrior: I definately haven`t met you.....your too smart to forget! Thanx.
    Ed: A million thanks for the Mr Bean download.He sounds like me after a few pints! Thankyou for going to so much trouble.Your a diamond.!
    BlueBrother: I must get a copy of Dylan Thomas` Undermilk Wood....Your so spot-on about the eccentrics, I agree with
    you 1,000%.Keep that big heart of yours, it`s beautiful. Thanks man.
    Gopher: I wish I would have said that! so utterly true,I`ve definately met him in several congregations! Thanks for post.
    home_and_dry: I`m should be a writer or film Type-caster! You really know how to paint a mental
    picture of some-one perfectly.Thankyou so much.
    RAYZORBLADE: I`m one of your greatest fans, I`ve downloaded on floppy some of your posts..As the Americans say-
    I love you man. Don`t ever change! YOU used to be a JW!!!?!!!
    bay64me: ...Laura Ashley...God that brings back memories.Once I went along with a witness to buy his wife a silk top.Inside the shop he was whispering like he was on Sacrad ground..! it made my flesh crawl. Thanx for posting.
    Thirdson: must have read my notes before I posted! I agree so much.Thankyou for saying it for me, and posting.
    mrs rocky2: You are such a honest and sincere/genuine person, I would have liked you any-way.Thanx for posting.
    ikhandi: God yes..!! I`d for gotten about that type also....You also get females like that too.Once I had two pioneer sisters use my washing machine and shower because they lived in a double bedsitter.One of them complained about my
    underware on the bathroom line.She thought I had sexual hang-ups, when really it was her!(pun).Thankyou for the weird memory.
    ballistic: Thanks for the post.....I think..?
    THANKYOU ALL for your wonderful contributions to this Thread.I`m so pleased you understood my crazy British
    sense of humour .I put another post in the other day..( "I don`t hate the witnesses BUT...) which was cut off by some
    women who just didn`t get it, and tore it to sheards, and one didn`t seem to even believe I`m English! ( If they clicked on my e-mail box their`d see British Telecom).So I won`t be starting another Thread.Any-way,I have a new girlfriend and don`t really have the time.I will look in every so often to read your most entertaining and enlightening posts though.Thanks again, may your God bless you and your loved-ones "Marvellous".
    Sparks & Fi fi (Fiona)
    Footnote: I used American spelling/words =color/Butt/vacation/humor etc...out of consideration
    for my American/Canadian Comrades

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