Does anyone here still go to the meetings

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  • Brandy5

    Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone here still go to the meetings. If so why do you attened?

    eddited to add Are you married to an active JW

    btw I have not be inside a KH in 17 years & am married to a wonderful Worldly man.


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  • rocketman

    I attend once in a while, mainly to keep the hounds at bay and so that the gossipers all around the circuit think that I am still "active".

    The meetings have always been boring for me. I have never really enjoyed them.

  • CoonDawg

    Not just no...but...

    HELL NO!!!!


  • ugg

    no i don't,,,but my hubby does.....

  • Jesika

    Nope, I don't, and I won't!!

  • ColdRedRain

    I go to them whenever I don't have enough money to go to a comedy club.

  • stichione

    I still go, but only to the Sunday meeting. I want to make my wife happy and keep up appearances with the local congregation so I don't let people get too suspicious of me.

  • Noumenon

    Yea I still go to the odd sunday meeting. I actually enjoy some of the talks, but can hardly endure the second half as the Watchtowers study now feels so sunday-schoolish and formalised...reading paragraphs and giving trite little regurgitated answers...booorrrrring.

  • ikhandi

    I avoided meetings ever since my trip on the diss fellow ship. My attendance at the circuit assembly last week was my first since leaving.(what the hell was I thinking) The only reason I went was because of my mother invited me too. For once in the last 4 years I saw her happy and not dissapointed with my status. She truly has no idea who I am. I have no current plans to go again, although I may go to the memorial this year.

  • truthseekers2

    Our family of 6 (hubby, myself, and 4 kids) has not been to a meeting since November '02 and do not plan on ever going back to one.

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