People's Obsessions over Yizuman's Single Mistake

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  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    The purpose of a discussion board is to discuss. You choose to post the details of your life, handicap, and financial difficulties. It is extremely naive to think that you are not going to get any negative responses. I've noticed that you are among those who are right up in front when there is a "stoning" (with pointy rocks and a packet of gravel ). You seem to enjoy giving very nasty comments, but take great offense when someone else gives it right back to you.

  • Yizuman
    Pettygrudger - And not to be rude or mean, but I happen to know ALOT of special needs individuals - and I don't believe I've ever seen a one of them feel as sorry for themselves as you do......I know its difficult, but the longer you wallow around in self-pity, the harder it will be to dig yourself out of this hole. You can do it as millions have done before you. I myself gave you quite a few websites & information on agencies to help out with your predicament. Instead of spending your time on those things, you seem to much rather post on how bad your situation is, and "other" people's obsessions.

    Ok, let me ask you guys this.

    Some folks likes an update on what's happening to me and some other folks are complaining and whining and don't want to read what's happening to me.

    Also I have noticed some folks made a request for an update and then turns around whining and complaining.

    So why aren't you skipping my posts? If you're so sick of reading my posts, then why are you CONTINUING to read them? If you don't like them don't read them. Is that simple or too hard for you?

    I am updating the people that wants to know what's up with me and I am not updating to people that aren't interested in my situation.

    And I am doing something to try and help myself, you aren't there to see what I am trying to do in order to help myself. Just one post I make even after I last posted on Monday this week, you accuse me of not doing anything.

    Fine. I won't post about my situation anymore. Would that make all the whiners happy? I'll just lay off about myself from then on.



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  • pettygrudger

    #1 - you asked a question Yizuman - I simply tried to answer it.

    #2 - No one said you couldnt' do whatever you want to.....its a free world.

    I have been following along with your story and your plight - I never said I didn't care. You just seem to have alot of strange ideas about what is acceptable treatment of you, versus how others should be treated. El Kabong actually said it best. As I have said, it may not be about your requesting financial assistance.

  • Yizuman

    Ok ok, what does everyone want me to say and not say then?

    I'm tired of pissing people off when I had no intention to do so. If I get a caring person requesting a follow up on my situation and then comes back and whines and gripe about my postings. It leaves me feeling stuck in the middle and my emotions gets all mixed up that I feel like a balloon waiting to pop.

    So my question is how am I expected to behave on the forum and what are the DOs and DON'Ts for me to say so that I don't piss anyone off?

    My answer to this IMHO is that it's impossible to please everybody and there's always gonna be a pissed off whiner out of a whole bunch.



  • ApagaLaLuz

    Pissed off whiners aye? Now isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

    Hey Yiz man.... look at the top left corner of your screen. See that neat little title called

    remind us again what your connection to this subject is. I've smoked alot of pot and my memory isn't so hot. By the way, what does JanH's obsession with Simon have to do with the fact that some of us here don't buy your continualy stories of plight? People who live in glass Obsession houses shouldn't throw stones

    "whoa is me"

    Here's a little FYI....... tons of us on here have disablities, financial problems, depression. It's one thing to ask for moral support from time to time. One should also offer moral support. It's another to continually post about your problems. It gets old. By the way, I'm not obsessed with that first mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. I've said and done things I regret plenty of. It's just your constant pleas for sympathy.

  • Yizuman

    Well I didn't mean to come off sounding like I am making a plea for sympathy(s?) and I am sorry if I am sounding like it. That's not my goal nor do I wish it.

    But I take the suggestions and advice whenever one is available and take it from there. I appreciate them and I take them seriously.

    Thanks to everyone that gave these suggestions and advices.


  • bikerchic

    Sheese people have a heart. Why kick a guy when he's down? Are you the same ones that bemoan your mistreatment from the WTS? Are you the same ones that whine about being shunned from your JW relatives? If you don't like the content of Yiz's post, just don't say anything hold your judgements for the sure thing, but why judge him publicly in the form of put downs? It takes guts to bare your soul, your weekest parts.......all I ask is that you give him a break. No I don't mean $$$ but how about a kind word of encouragement? How about some advise if you have it to offer?

    In all that he's posted, yes he did come here looking for monatery help, his big mistake. When he got slammed for that he appoligzed publicly. Now from his postings all I can see is he is really looking, searching for answers to his problems at hand..........he needs a job! He needs his car fixed! He needs food, the bare necessities and now a roof over his head! Give the guy some slack! Have you totally lost your "christian" love?

    Yizuman I have nothing to offer you in the way of help, no great advise to give you but it seems you have some options at your disposal. I wish you luck and from the bottom of my heart I hope to hear that you have sometime soon gotten over this rough time.

    I know from first hand how everything can fall apart, it's happened this past year to my son. When I read your post my heart breaks because it reminds me of what my son is going through. The system sucks! I've heard stories for years of how some have managed to dupe the system and collect SSI when they could work, my son is unable to work and he hasn't been able to get SSI although for years he's paid into it. He's lost everything, his family, his house, his car and it all started with losing his job that he had with JW relatives who decided after 3 years of employing him while he was DF'd that they would no longer employ him because he's DF'd. They covered their buts, and he's lost everything! Then he got into a terrible accident which is why now he's unable to work.

    It can happen people, please have a heart.

    (((((((Yiz)))))))) take care please!


  • Witch Child
    Witch Child


    you are a sweetie. I am sorry to hear about your son. That really sucks.

    When I first saw Yizuman's posts my warning bells went off. I think it may have been because he proclaimed no real affiliation to the jws, it just seemed odd to me for him to come here looking for help. Now, I don't feel my gut instincts are infallible, so I tried to keep an open mind and just kept watching this whole thing develop. I have at times even considered trying to scrape up some money to send along. I mean, it sounds like a really sucky situation the poor guy is in!

    I am the type who really wants to help. You can ask anyone that knows me... like two friends of mine. One was broke and stuck on the opposite coast from me. We sent him busfare and let him live with us and our two kids in a small apartment. We let him stay with us right through a whole year including various times of unemployment. He got his own place after a little over a year with us and quit his job a few months later... he wanted to come back. We realized that he needed not a hand up, but to really stand on his own. We said no as gently as we could. He got a new job soon after and stayed in the same apartment. He has been very responsible ever since. Another friend stayed with us for 3 or 4 months soon after the first had moved out. He too was finally motivated to get his own place. He now runs his own business and it is doing really well.

    During that same large time period there were many others that I helped to lesser degrees. The woman who couldn't afford any presents for her kids for Christmas? I delivered many many brightly wrapped gifts with blank tags. I also watched her daughter for several weeks when she needed it for health reasons... but after associating with her for a couple of years it became obvious she was always going to be stuck where she was. No amount of help would ever be enough, She was just a person who collected and created one crisis after another.

    It is sad but some people you can't help. They can get all set up with everything they need and they will somehow lose it all, over and over again. I don't know if Yizuman is one of those types, or if he can be helped or if he is just a really patient scam artist. I just can't tell, so all I can do is watch and see what happens. I really do hope, if he is sincere, that all things will work out well for him and that he will get the help he needs.


  • Mary

    Hey Yizuman;

    Any word from the Welfare Office yet? Have they tried contacting Wal-Mart to make sure you're not working there? I'd be calling them back to make sure they actually do this, so you can get some $$$............too often if you don't keep on them, you can just fall through the cracks and not get anything.........

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Hey Witch, what a wonderfully, blanced response.

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