If I knew it was wrong I wouldn't do it!

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  • WantTheTruth

    Even after a year of thought regarding religion, and inparticular the JW faith... I am still no further forward as to whether I should go for it.

    I realise that practically everyone who reads this post will be Anti-JW; but I appeal to your unbias/ neutral side... if thats possible.

    Both sides have their own point of view... both are very convincing; I am just not sure what will "clinch the deal".

    All I know is that I cannot go on like this for much longer!

    Soul-Destroying is an understatement!

    Yours In desperation...


  • Fe2O3Girl

    Welcome WTT.

    It would be nice to learn a little more about you.

    I would like to know why your year of contemplation has concentrated on JWism. What other religions have you investigated?

  • Realist


    despite the total lack of logic of the WT faith....arn't the hundreds of quotes that are available and which show that the WT is publishing utter nonsense (which cannot possibly be coming from God) not enough to convince you that the WT faith is nonsense?

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  • Vivamus

    Hi and welcome to the board!

    Soul-Destroying is an understatement

    Yeah, I remember the days when I felt like that too. I'm sure that whatever questions you have, you'll find many answers here. As to what will clinch the deal, I guess that would be you. Ask yourself if the JW have made you happy, and can you live under their rules again.

    When you are ready, we'd love to hear your story.

  • link

    Hello Want The Truth and welcome to the board,

    I can sympathise with you because I have been exactly where you are at the moment. I decided not to go for it even though my wife and all my immediate family joined up at different times in the past.

    My reasons for not becoming a Witness after almost seven years of study and investigation boiled down to just a couple of things that did not include the usual criticisms about false prophesy etc although 1914 was always a no-no as far as I was concerned .

    My main concern was that the organisation is an immensely wealthy (multi- billion dollar ) operation that does very little that you could compare to the Bibles message of love and compassion. If you dont believe the financial figures I suggest that you do some serious research on the Society.

    I found that in very, very many ways the Watchtower Society differed little from every other religion in its structure, organisation and accumulation of great material wealth for itself. Comparisons can even be made in things like Bethel = Monastery, Elder = Priest etc. etc.

    I came to the conclusion that they have duped people like my family into believing that Jehovah does not exist outside their organisation and to look too closely at the organisation and how it operates is a sin. With these beliefs instilled in them they will never stray and will always cough up the money to make the Watchtower richer and richer.

    My advice to you would be to leave it alone and keep looking. Just because someone cannot point you in the direction that you feel right for you at the moment does not mean that that direction does not exist.



  • LB

    You are considering joining a group that uses emotional blackmail to keep you in line? Just remember that if (or when) you mess up they will take away everyone in your life that you are close to. Before that they will discourge you from associating with family or friends that are not JW's. They will control you.

    This a group that claims to be prophets yet has gotten every prophecy wrong. It is so obvious even to them that they had to change the definition of prophet to teacher. Yeah right.

    You want to join a group that attracts child molestors and then protects them.

    Good luck my friend (you don't believe in luck any longer) because you'll need it.

  • sf

    Realist, I am hearing you on this. And I'd like to add that, in my experienced opinion, these 'new posters' are what is referred to as trolling.

    Now most of us can smell a troll miles away. Their 'scent' is distinctive. I deal with this daily in yahoo; the type of post above. A poster that comes to a massive forum like this...perfectly can see the links below; which are key sites to 'all things WTBTS/JW' (thx Simon) yet cannot figure out a thing about this organization other than what posters here have to say re: It. Not to mention the search engines which are DESIGNED FOR SUCH RESEARCH AND HOMEWORK.

    It simply baffles me and it is the first clue, as my mindseye sees and my gut feels, that the poster is 'trolling'. Fishing as well. Sometimes the bait falls apart upon impact, rendering the 'expedition' a failure.


    I am prepared to admit I am wrong, yet rarely ever are. The dialog has 'klassic klues'. Can YOU spot 'them'?

    As a rule for myself, I do give younger jws and women who are 'fearful' the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their questions; as some have their computer activity monitored by their parents or some jw in the household who has access to it. Yet adult jws have no excuse not to carefully examine 'all things WATCHTOWER/ JW [[[ before ]]] the contract themselves into It. Thus, they become a part of the Deception and corruption.

    Use this tool, the internet, to discover what you need and want to educate yourself on. No matter what it may be. There is no excuses anymore not to arm yourself with knowledge that leads to True Truth.


  • xjw_b12

    WTT Welcome.

    I feel the biggest factor you must contemplate, is once you are in, and a baptised JW, and you decide to leave,you will be completely shunned, by any and all friends and family that are members of the JW's.

    PS If you are a troll, we will dispatch Valis, SYN or Farkel to dispatch you !

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  • Brummie

    Welcometo the board WantTheTruth

    Most of us can relate to what you have said. Bare with it and you will one day find peace of mind.

    You can email me if you ever feel that you need to talk these things over more.


  • Englishman


    You just need a few mates and a good pub.


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