How to succeed in field service w/o really trying

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  • joe_from_kokomo

    Ah, Field Service. That joy of knocking on a total stranger's doors to try to sell them on your own religious doctrines. Isn't it joyful? Isn't it meaningful? Don't you just love to spend your time doing this each and every Saturday morning- early in the morning-when most normal people are still in bed. Yes, you love it, don't you? You feel good when you put in your field service time... You're part of the JW team!

    Well, some of you may. And some may not. Either way, you're OK. You're still a Christian, if you so believe. If you have faith.

    If you feel good about your field service and you pretend you like to do it - fine. Don't read further. You probably feel good about it because you have had that message drilled into your head like a jackhammer on a regular and consistent basis by your 'no-we're-not-a-cult-and-you-can-leave-anytime-you-like' leaders. Think about it.

    This is where the real brain-washing begins and ends, folks. That's because most of us loathe field service, are basically somewhat shy and would never normally go knocking on stranger's doors, if we did not absolutely have to, would we? Think about it. And have you ever thought about what might happen to you or your family if the person on the other side of the door was a strung-out paranoid crackhead with a loaded gun pointed at you from behind the door? Think about it - you put your life at risk, just like a police officer does, to bring a message to the apathetic, disinterested ones in your territory who just wish you would JUST GO AWAY.

    But, there's a way around all this, friends. First, you must study God's word and come to the realization that Jesus' disciples went from house-to-house to prepare the way for him. This was a logistical mission as much as a spiritual one, and it was not the proselytizing that we do now. No, we have developed our own TRADITION friends. Think about it. Remember what Jesus thought about traditions?

    Ponder on whether the GB does field service. Guess what - they don't. They hated it.

    So, here's what you can do - just write in whatever time you think THEY EXPECT that you are doing. That's it. It's that simple. Give 'em what they want, and don't worry about the facts.

    Remember, their calculations brought you 1914, 1919, 1925, 1975, and so on. Give 'em some numbers of your own. Write in 10 hours and do 2 instead. If every JW did this, this ridiculous field service scenario would come to screeching halt and the printing presses would go idle... think about it.

    Buy back some opportune time to do the things you never do for yourself. Wax your car. Mow the lawn. Play with your kids. Go to the park. Go fishing. Go shopping. Go to the beach. Surf the Web. Read a good book (non WT). Clean out the garage. Or, just sleep in late.

    Of course, you'll still have to show up for the occasional field service meeting. Then tell everyone that you have a Bible study across town, or some return visits to make, and leave and go to the mall. It's that easy.

    Buy out some opportune time for yourself. Get back some of those over 1 billion hours served wasted...

    Write in 10 hours this month, even if you did only zero. You can do it. They deserve it. Think about it. Think for yourself this time. It's your life. Make the most of it.

    Now, tell me your thoughts on field service...

  • ikhandi

    Towards my final days I thought it was ridicoulous. I regular pioneered for three years straight and attended college. I had no life, spent all day in service on sat and before and after the meetings on sunday. Then I went back for more, because I had still had to preach during the week. It wore me down seriously, toting some of the most ungrateful friends around who would never cough up any gas money. And don't get me started on stalking people with return visits. Now I sleep in every saturday til nine.

  • onacruse

    joe_from_kokomo and ikhandi, welcome to you both!

    For 2 decades I enjoyed field service, because I shared with other people what I genuinely thought to be the truth. I have no regrets for those years.

    For 2 more decades I shared what I thought was best, but with reservations. Still, I have no regrets for those years, because in retrospect I can now see how I was blinded by cultic mind control and upbringing.

    If I'm lucky, I'll be able to spend the next 4 decades sharing with others about freedom of thought and exploration of the meaning of life.



    Joe. Where were you all these years ?

    I loved your post, it was excellent. Drop dead sensible.

    Great angle, and I wish to heck I had done similarly way back when.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post, thanks Joe.

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  • minimus

    It's ONLY about numbers. So if you put in 10 hrs. per month and you NEVER go out in service and say that you do "informal witnessing", they won't bother you. Why say something to lower the congregation's average? Do you really think that this past service year's increase is real?

  • SixofNine

    I agree with this post save for one thing. If you are a servant, post a few hours less than the national average. Sometimes, just post 3 hours or so. When you feel the heat, quickly jack it back up to somewhere close to 10 (try to stay under, just for discouragement's sake, lol), if you feel too much heat, give 'em an hour or two over the average.... but then taper back off to some very low numbers.

    Remember, Satan's most powerful weapon is discouragement. Are you having a full share in discouraging the whole association of brothers?

  • wannaexit

    Noone that I know really likes service. 99% do it because they have been brainwashed to think it pleases God. I remember a C.O. who openly admitted that he had to literally force himself to do it.

    As for me and my family, we now do what you suggest. WE FAKE IT. If we go out for 1/2 hour we report 2 or 3 hours. At the end of the month we present what they want to see.

  • MaudeW

    I always hated field service and grabbed every opportunity to do rural visits because you spent more time driving and there was always a good chance nobody was home. It's a wonder more JW's aren't blown away with the current trend being what it is. Ya know, not once have I ever talked to anyone who was "happy" to see the JW's coming!

  • observador

    Just be careful because if you put in too many "hours" - and you're a male - you may get appointed for Ministerial Servant (tm).

    I recently spoke with a guy who does something a little different: he and his girlfriend simply stand at the door without ringing the bell - they may fake it - and after 1 hour, without breaking a sweat, they have 2 hours each on their slip. Isn't that beautiful?

    When the householder naively catches them at the door they hand him a Watchtower/Awake! as a punishment for his lack of attention!

    That was a brilliant post. Good job, "from_kokomo"!


  • Noumenon

    Actually the GB do go on field service, just like everyone else. Perhaps not all of them because some are so aged now, and some are busy with other responsibilities which obviously limits it, but they do go from door to door.

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