When I stick out my tongue...

by Vivamus 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • ugg

    APPLAUSE!!!!!!! APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT.....i absolutely love body piercing of any kind...not sure why exactly....but i just do....go figure...

  • SixofNine

    but I hear they can enhance...umm...well...certain types of intimate pleasure.

    Not really. But feel free to play around with some ball bearings if you want to know for sure. Wonders why people think that a little metal ball (set back a good 1/2 inch plus on the toungue) is going to greatly or even slightly enhance sexual pleasure. Still, different is nice too, and variety is the spice of life.

    The real irony here is that Viv's mom is the freak in this story.

  • Solace


    Your piercing looks great! I was nervous to get pierced, but was surprised that it hurt alot less than my tattoo. Mine isnt anywhere near my face though. My sister had a lithsp for awhile when she had her tongue done too, but shes all better now and it looks very cute on her.

    Isnt it fun shopping for jewelry again? BTW, you can get vibrating barbells too.

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  • TR
    But feel free to play around with some ball bearings if you want to know for sure.

    That's OK, Six. I'll keep the bearings packed in axle grease where they belong.


  • Vivamus



    you can get vibrating barbells too.

    Hehe, sounds, uhm, interesting

    Thanx Ugg

    Sixo, my mum is a wonderful woman, she is utterly cool and getting real close to be gone for good out of JW eyesight.

  • animal

    Dont let them get ya down Viv baby.... to each thier own. While I wouldnt do it, I like it when a babe gets it done.

    And do get the ball with the nubs... or even the vibrating one. Nice......

    When you heading back to the USA?


  • DFWnonJW

    Vivalicious! (sounds like Vivalithuth)
  • greven

    Looks great Viv!

    You got your JW mum to go with you?! Wow, how did you accomplish that?

    Even though I wouldn't do it myself, I like it in a girl! It's a nice 'toy'. I like playing with it so I'm sure your boyfriend is also content...

    Enjoy it!


  • funkyderek

    Vivamus, it looks great! Welcome to the club

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