When I stick out my tongue...

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  • Vivamus

    Well, I can't think of anything else left to do on the path of apostates. Last week I got myself a tongue-piercing. I nearly passed out when I saw the needle about to be poked through my precious tongue, but I stayed strong. I closed my eyes and thought of greener pastures while a hollow needle was stuck through my tongue, and the piercing put through it afterwards. The piercing itself did not hurt at all, I just couldn't eat four days afterwards cause of excruciating pain. The original piercing was 10 millimeters, and since that was a bit long now that my tongue has healed, today I went for a new one, and a new stud. My JW mum went with me, and she even picked out the one I have now, a red-white-blue [just like our flag] ball that glows in the dark. Note: my JW mum choose it, lol.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    That's wonderful Viv! Join the crowd. I too remember how the actual piercing itself didn't hurt, but the days after, of not being able to swollow, or eat, and the swelling were what sucked. The glow in teh dark ones get alot of attention at "the club"

    Kudos to your mom for picking it out too

    p.s. this pic was taken directly after a show, hence the yellow tounge and sweaty face :)

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  • Elsewhere

    Oh Baby!!!!

  • Rihannsu


  • calamityjane

    Yikes. is all I can say.

    Be careful that you don't chip a tooth on that precious little ball. My daughter has one too, and she ended up chowing down on something and ended up chipping a tooth.

  • LuckyLucy

    I will never understand why people self mutilate themselves! There is nothing attractive about it.

  • Elsewhere
    There is nothing attractive about it.

    Such a thing cannot be fully appreciated until you have received head from a chick with one of those.

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Some people don't need accessories to please

  • SpannerintheWorks


    OK, I am sure you have your reasons for having your tongue pierced (or anything else, for that matter). I, personally, have NEVER

    understood why people do this. Can you please tell me what it was that attracted you to do this to yourself?


  • email

    ...while a hollow needle was stuck through my tongue, and the piercing put through it afterwards. ...The original piercing was 10 millimeters...

    Holly Sh#@!!

    Ouch... !!!!

    I mean... that's something that I don't mind nor I find disgusting... It's just something I would probably never do to myself... call me chicken...

    BTW Looks good VIV

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