My mom is haunted by the ghost of Fred Franz... now we have gotten to the root of this problem

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  • Scully

    So she calls you, *twice*, clearly with the intention of scolding you and yelling at you, over a promise you made to a complete stranger when you were in high school? And then she tells your brother that you upset her???

    If I could diagnose that $h!t, I'd say your mother has bipolar disorder.

    The thing is, if you do as your brother asks and cease communication, they control the narrative of the relationship. "Silentbuddha doesn't call us, doesn't speak to us anymore." All this behind your back and turns you into the bad guy.

    If only for your own peace of mind, maybe write a letter to your mom/dad/brother about why the "promise" you made under duress (in a room with other people who had expectations of you to answer the way you did) as a high schooler is not valid. You weren't old enough to drive, vote, get married, get a job, buy or drink alcohol, *enter a contract* (promise), etc. and the law exempts you from those *adult* things because you are still considered to be a child, without the benefit of full brain development. There's science behind that.

    You were in an unfair situation. The adults in the room took advantage of you. That was not okay. It's not okay now for your mother to give you $h!t over it. She's likely more upset because she believes that Fred Franz thinks less of her and her parenting.

  • Diogenesister

    What to say to mum:

    "Mum. He's not one of Christ's brothers! He's just an old charleton (with bad dress sense)"

    "By the way, remember the scripture about how you can tell if a prophet is not of God if what they say doesn't come true and to not be afraid of them?"

    "well.... he personally predicted armageddon would come in 1975. So don't worry about what I said as a kid to that old fake".

  • silentbuddha

    "If I could diagnose that $h!t, I'd say your mother has bipolar disorder."

    Under normal circumstances I would agree with you. But I do not believe she is bipolar, I think it is bordering on plain crazy...

    She has been this way since forever with this JW stuff. For instance, she has three kids and a husband. There are literally 5 pictures of me from birth till my current age of about 40. Only 2 of them are out... my baptism photo and a photo of the first time I saw my bethel room. THere are 0 of my sister and literally about 20+ of my Brother who is as nutty as she is.

    The walls have every single photo of every month of every JW calendar since the 1960's IN FRAAAAMES. Those cheap paradise photos that everyone was buying in the late 90's and one wall that is an enormous bookcase of all the publications she has.

    She is probably one of the only people I have ever met that can fully explain every change in the generation doctrine 1914 and so on.

    Her talent at every JW talent show is that she can recite the books of the bible forwards and backwards at a speed that is crazy and she has memorized huge chunks of the bible...

    I do believe had shge devoted her time to a real education should could have done something amazing with this fanatical mind but alas it is all devoted to every nook and cranny of a crack pot religion.

  • dubstepped

    So what she's mad about isn't that you broke a promise made at baptism to God himself, but rather some dude. Shows who she's really worshipping, I guess.

    Sorry man. That's so abusive, just all of it. Total shunning can be nice.

  • silentbuddha

    I wish they would just follow the direction of the borg and treat me as a full apostate already... its been years. ROFL

  • Nevuela

    Who disliked Just Fine's comment? That was uncalled for as there was nothing to dislike about it.

  • Londo111


    See the following:

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