My mom is haunted by the ghost of Fred Franz... now we have gotten to the root of this problem

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  • silentbuddha

    So last night at around 11 while me and the wife were watching Netflix and my cellphone rings. I didn't make it in time and saw it was my mother who never speaks to me. I decided to call back fearing something happened with my dad. At the same moment my house phone rings, so I am definitely expecting the worst with this level of urgency on her part. I wait a couple of minutes and then call her back on my cell.

    She doesn't say "hi" or greet me any anyway, just frantically says "when is this nonsense with you and Satan's world going to stop? It has been far too long..." etc etc etc. I am thinking to myself what the hell is going on. She is literally yelling for close to 30 seconds and she blurts out "do you not remember the promise you made to one of Christ's brothers to always stay close to Jehovah??!?! You are acting like that means nothing! Are you willing to face the consequences for that?"

    It was at this point that I recalled when I was in high-school and my brother was in bethel. Fred Franz was in the Bethel infirmary and my brother called us on Thursday night and asked my mother if we wanted to see Freddy in the Infirmary. I guess he felt he had some connections. At the time I had no clue who he really was, but there were about 8 of us in his room and he was undercover laying flat on his back but talking. Everyone's eyes were focused on him like it was Jesus himself and he was saying stuff... i don't even remember because I was a teenager and I was more occupied with the fine black nurse that ushered us to his room.

    At some point in the conversation he asked me how old I was, what my goals were, etc.. it freaked me out because he was fucking blind and not looking directly at me. Shit was weird. Anyway he said promise me young man you will always keep Jehovah in your heart and never stray from him. Of course I was like yeah and like 10 minutes later he left.

    Anyhow, my mother kept referring to how I will have such a serious price to pay for lying to one of Christ's Brothers... she was literally yelling. She says how she sometimes wishes I would never have gone that day because I made such a huge promise that I had no intention of fulfilling etc...

    Then she abruptly hangs up the phone. I called back, no answer. Then this morning I get a call from my loser brother who says, "I think it would be best if you cease talking to mom because you are making her and dad's health worse", then he hangs up. It seems like it is time to change my phone number AGAIN...

  • just fine
    just fine

    Oh dear. I hate it when my JW family has gotten themselves in a tizzy about something and then they call, not realizing i haven’t been in on the argument they are having in their head.

    Its also nice your brother called you to tell you to stop talking to your mother when she was the one that called you.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    This religion makes all of the followers believe every misstep will result in eternal destruction. Here your mom is worried about you breaking a promise to one of "Christ's brothers". Well Peter lied about knowing Christ and Jesus forgave him.

    But tell that to the GB and they will still impose upon the followers the strictest of the strict, without lifting a little finger of their's. The cruel religion keeps giving.

  • silentbuddha

    I almost cant believe she is this worked up. My brother as you stated is a friggin tool. Always has been and always will be...

    I am more disturbed that she is literally worried about Freddy as if the 144k hold grudges loo

  • sir82

    Does your mother have a drinking problem?

    Don't mean to sound flippant, but this episode sure sounds like it.

  • Londo111

    In a talk, Anthony Morris mentioned how the 144k would kill all non-JWs are Armageddon.

    So in that mindset, a vengeful Freddy would make sense.

  • silentbuddha

    She has never drank in her life. She is just one of those people that is literally so deep in the morass of the organization it is as if reality does not exist. She isn't diagnosed as crazy... which I am sure at this point she could be. But she has always been like this in regards to anything connected to this organization.

  • JaniceA

    The family should be committed.

  • Vidiot
    future passed - "This religion makes all of the followers believe every misstep will result in eternal destruction."

    Ironic, considering how many "missteps" it's made... :smirk:

  • Vidiot
    Londo - "In a talk, Anthony Morris mentioned how the 144k would kill all non-JWs at Armageddon."

    Bet he can't hardly wait, too.

    Seriously though, his doesn't actually surprise me.

    There's a significant number of active JWs who view the Big A as their own personal supernatural revenge fantasy (Know how I know? That was me)...

    ...stands to reason that an authoritarian JW leader with a "heavenly" expectation would simply take said expectation to the next level.

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