More Photos - Sorry. I'm New at This.

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  • Francois

    OK, here is the first diskfull of photos of my new little fisherman, crabber, shrimper and lothario. Notice how in every picture, even when you can't see 'em, there's a feminine-type person holding him. May this continue for the next 25 years until he's out of college and ready to select one to give his pore ol' grandpa a great grandson or daughter.

    NOTE: I'm really not going to post any of the other three disksfull of Mr. Darby's photos, even the 15 second movie. He doesn't move much of anything, thus it's kinda boring. But it WAS fun threatening Simon with another sixty or so pix showing up on his server. Sorry about the out of focus ones. I was going too fast for the camera.

    I do hope this works. And thanks for your kind thoughts. I'm not fishing for any more, I'm just doing what grandpas are supposed to do, i.e. "You wanna see some pictures of my grandchildren?" (laterals five pound box of photos and takes off running). Don't let my daughter know about this photo, or I may not see either of them again.

    You're all great friends to humor me like this (and to provide your bits of wisdom from already having been there).

    Thanks to you all.


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  • ashitaka

    Again, cute pics.

    You're daughter would KILL you if she knew you posted her, post-pregant on the net. Now, that reaction's something I'd buy popcorn for.

  • Angharad

    Awwwwwwee definately broody now - he is lovely

    Your daughter looks good - you should see one of the pics taken of me after having ours although your right she probably would kill you if she knew you'd posted it!

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  • calamityjane

    What a sweetie. Brings back memories

  • Joyzabel

    How precious!

    I think every birth is a miracle. Life is truly amazing.

    Enjoy your grandson.



  • outnfree

    Congratulations, Grandpa!

    Aren't babies wonderful!!!!!! Yours is a cutie!

    outnfree <hoping she still has at least 8 more years before THAT cycle of her life kicks in!>

  • nightwarrior

    STOP NOW..... the photos are gorgeous, but it is no good for us girls, broody is not the word....

    Oh the joys of having a baby, mind you I agree, your daughter will kill you when she realises that you have posted photos of her without the make-up and hair done..... oh dear you are in trouble, but I won't tell if you don't LOL

    Keep us updated of the baby's progress, mind you of that I am sure that you will certainly let us know the weight gain and the first tooth and the first step, the first word, oh and the list goes on.....we are waiting....

    Lots of love

    Mrs Nightwarrior

  • Billygoat


    I'm seeing a side of you I love! Enjoy every minute you can with this child. They grow up WAAAY too fast when they're this tiny!


  • wednesday


    again,grayson is so handsome, and seems to be a good size baby too.(ouch)

    Mother looks beautiful, all radiant . but will definitely get u for this francois(LOL)

  • JamesThomas

    Very nice photos. I notice the little guy came with instructions. JamesT

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