Do you believe in Angels, or any experiences?

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  • Mary

    I believe in angels, but am not really sold on the notion that we all have Guardian Angels. If we do, then mine must be on permanent vacation. Something happened to me about 4 1/2 years ago. I was at a job that I absolutely loved, and met someone that I fell madly in love with. I did the job extremely well and everyone wanted me to stay on permanently (I was on contract). But because there was a union, and because my boss was spineless and wouldn't take a stand for me, he ended up hiring the only "internal" person that applied, even though she had no qualifications, was miserable and couldn't perform event he simplest of tasks. I had to say good-bye to the guy I had fallen in love with too, as he was in the dept. that I worked in. Over the course of a year I attempted to get a permanent position at this company and there was always "something" totally unusual that always prevented me from getting any position there (this has never happened to me at any other job I've gotten). To make a long story short, I came very close to having a nervous breakdown and even considered suicide. There are no words to describe the pain I went through. It may sound strange that a job would mean that much to anyone, but it was the combination of the job and the guy I fell for. I know if I could have continued working there, I could have ended up with him, but without that daily contact, it all fell apart. This was the first time since I was 17 years old where I knew how it felt to be "happy" and it was horrific to have to go back to my usual semi-depressed state that I normally lived in. The guy I fell for ended up with someone else.

    If I had a Guardian Angel, then where were they during my darkest hour? Why was I allowed to find happiness for such a brief moment and then have it snatched away? And where was the guardian angel for Samantha Runion or Jon Bennet Ramsey? Where was Laci Peterson's Guardian Angel?

    Sorry if I sound depressing, but I don't understand how and why such bad things happen to people if we all have Guardian Angels.

  • LyinEyes

    I always believed the way you did Mary, because of things just like this. Jon Benet , so many other little children who are abused and die. I have no answers. When I was a witness, my mother committed suicide. I always wondered why in the hell, didnt one angel help her that night, in her depressed state of mind, and the drugs ( they were not much, but could have been cause for her even worse depressed state of mind) why, couldnt just one angel save her that night. I still don't know. If there are angels who are out there and help just some, it doesnt seem fair when you look at it this way.

  • Tinkerbell4125

    Sorry DeDe, I just don't believe.....but that doesn't mean that I don't respect someone elses views on the subject. It's just that in my own personal experiences, I have lost faith in pretty much anything that has to do with a spiritual situation. Sorry.

  • LyinEyes

    No reason to say you are sorry Tink, none at all. I am just beginning to try and open my mind to the possibilities of all of this. I too for along time let my reasoning on things tell me it couldnt be true. But I also have seen and heard so many things from people I consider reliable who have experienced something,,,,,,,,not sure what exactly and they are not either.... but it makes me at least feel that it is one of those things that COULD be true, even if I doubt it at times. I hope one day I will feel more strongly on the subject and have more experiences with some kind of spirit realm. Good ones I hope, I don't need anymore demons!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ISP

    I think you make your own. They then can become very real!


  • rem

    No I do not believe in angels. I have had experiences that many would interpret as from the spirit realm, but there are prosaic explanations for these things. I don't choose to believe things because it makes me feel good. I only believe things based on evidence (otherwise I may as well still be a believing JW). There is no compelling evidence for the existence of angels or a spirit realm.


  • Sirona

    Well. I don't often express this view because when I do I'm skillfully shot down by the skeptics, but what the hell I will tell you.

    I believe in reincarnation. (aside from so called proof, it makes a lot of sense to me and fits in with my worldview of the cycle of death and rebirth). Based on reading what spiritual mediums have had to say and a few conversations with those who say they're mediums, I believe that our life course is chosen prior to us being born. Not everything, just some things. We ourselves choose this. It seems ridiculous that I myself chose to get cancer at age 26, but nevertheless I believe I did.

    I will explain it another way. I think that when we die our essence (spirit, whatever) reviews the life lived and understands completely the why's and wherefores of our life. We know and feel the pain we've caused others, we know why we made certain choices. As part of our development and as part of the evolution of the universe, we choose to return to earth and encounter other trials and build other qualities. Alternatively we may choose not to be incarnate again.

    Apart from certain milestones in our life, we essentially choose the direction we will go. One medium suggested that we have a few times in our life which would allow us to leave this life and go back to being a spirit. It might be whether you step out into the road and are hit by a car. If on a spiritual level we feel we can stay and we still want to learn from this life, we don't get hit. I'm not saying someone chooses to hurt others by dying a tragic death, just that all of our life lessons are intricately connected.

    As far as suicide, this is never planned, but sometimes someone despairs too much and ends their life. In this instance I've been told that the spirit is helped to overcome the pain and be happy again. This does not mean that their pain ends at the moment of death, no it just means that they get the help. It is their choice if they wish to be incarnate again.

    Many will say this is wishful thinking. I know spirits exist, and I don't think its just wishful thinking....

    Nevertheless this view helps me to *try* to see the lesson in things that happen. My cancer has taught me a great deal about the value of the time we have with our loved ones. It has taught me many, many things. I honestly believe that if I were to die then it would be my time to die and my soul would understand more fully once I was with the spirits.

    So to the subject of Guardian Angels. I believe there are spirits who "look out for us", but they don't change the main course of our life. They are there to help us get through it, but we still need to accept their messages and be open to it. I have been close to suicide and I don't remember help from any guardian, but that does not mean they were not there. If someone does commit suicide, they are not alone but they are in such a difficult place that they cannot see that....and perhaps the angel considers that if they do end their life then they can begin their healing....I don't know.

    Thats just my opinion of course. When I die I might be corrected! LOL


  • LyinEyes

    That was an interesting viewpoint Sirona. I am very opened minded right now about anything being possible outside of what I was taught as JW. Right now I still feel a strong connection with Jesus, even more so than with that of the concept of Jehovah God. Maybe they are one in the same , the Trinity might be is all so confusing and I need to study more. But I will say I am pretty sure the Bible has mistakes and some things are not to be taken literally.

    There are some things in life that just don't make sense. Mainly I am speaking of the saddness , the child abuse, the death, that if there is a God, why does he let it go on and on,,,,,,,, That is my main stumbling block.

    So entertaining ideas that maybe as humans we just can't understand the spirit world to the full, until we get there. Maybe it is more brilliant than we can comprehend right now.

    You viewpoint on angels seemsto make sense,,,,,,because I always wondered why , oh why, couldnt an angel just stop my mom from killing herself that night? All it would have taken would be just a sign , she was a believer in God, why couldnt an angel have told her not to,,,,,or to drive to her sisters anything? But maybe there is something to it I just can't comprehend. Maybe the mental pain she was in was too much for too long. Maybe the was an angel there with her to take her to a better place. I know my mom,,,, she would have died sooner or later,,, for so many years she was sick with physical pain, emotional pain, and just seemed to be one of those who got hurt by others more than usuall. She was very sad with herself more than anything and was so sad over the hurt she caused because of her drug addiciton( prescription pain pills). I just hope in her last minutes of life she saw an angel..... that might be wishful thinking , I am sure some will say....... but if I die, I hope she is the angel that comes to take me to a better place.

    Here is a pretty angel picture,,,,,,,of Jesus being comforted in the Garden,,,,,,,,,God's Will Be Done..

    Thy Will Be Done

  • Sirona

    I love that picture! very nice.

    From what I've been told and seen myself, I can say that your mum is somewhere now and is being healed (or is healed).

    As far as your spiritual journey, I know a little of how you feel. I was searching once I left the JWs....I attended christian church for a while, etc. You will eventually come to somewhere where you feel comfortable, I think.



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