Do you believe in Angels, or any experiences?

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  • shera
    They look like Michael Landon and Victor French.

    I'd take Michael Landon for my angel anyday.

  • Sirona

    I believe in angels.

    My brother, as a child, saw fairies and they talked to him. He is a JW and he is 34 but he will still tell you that story is 100% true. Fairies are not the same sort of spirit as angels, IMO, but it still helps me realise there are spirit creatures out there.

    While I was having cancer treatments last year (not chemo) I saw a "man" in the recovery room who I felt instantly familiar with. I talked to him until he disappeared (leaving me feeling stupid! the nurse was looking at me wierdly, LOL). I can't remember exactly what was said. I don't know if he was my angel or if it was a dead relative. Maybe it was an hallucination....but I've never had that sort of effect from surgeries and I've had a few. A woman I know who is experienced in this sort of thing just thinks that the drug may have dropped my defenses so I saw him.

    I've also sensed VERY strongly my totem animal, in fact, there are two of them.

    That, along with other experiences with spirits, etc. (I've posted them many times!) leads me to believe.


  • wednesday

    I too called out for help, once in a very dark hour, and it was instantly granted.I will never forget that moment,peace came over me-peace like i had never felt before. Of course it did not last, but it stopped me form harming myself.

    I once had an elder tell me that if there were guardian angels, i surely had one.I was always too honest , and people often took advantage of me b/c of that. Someone i survived.

    Once during an very depressed spell, i wrote a letter to someone, confessing to all sorts of stuff. It was sometihg that if an elder had gotten hold of, well he would have had a field day with. Most of what was written was just the writng of a very confused person. I laid the letter, all typed and sealed in an envelope on top of my typewriter, all ready to mail. it disappearped. I looked everywhere for it, but it just vanished into thin air.In a day or two, i came back to my senses, and was very grateful the letter had never been mailed.It was never found and none of the family had mailed it.

    But for the times i have felt i did receive help, there have been just as many times that i received none.

    so what happened to my guardian angel then?

    I certaily believe the angels are interested in mankind, and probably do assit us at times.

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  • Shakita

    I don't have an experience of my own. But, my Mom believed she had a guardian angel watching out for her. And, my brother was hit by a car as a teenager and ended up in the hospital with substantial injuries. He was in a room with a dying man in the bed next to him. A bright light seemed to envelope the area of the opposite bed with this dying man and at the foot of his bed he saw a figure standing there in the light. My brother immediately felt a calming and serene presence in the room. I don't know how long this lasted, but my brother said the light and the figure were gone at the same time. The nurse came into the room after this and found the man had died. My brother was very affected by this experience and he thinks that the figure at the foot of the bed was Jesus who came to take the dying man home. I am not sure what I believe about this, but I respect my brother's faith in what he saw and believes.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • LyinEyes

    Thanks for the replies, I really enjoy hearing what others have experienced in this.

    I mentioned before that as a child of around 8, I saw a few times the vision of an angel. I still feel to this day that it wasnt just a dream that I usually would dream, but have only that as an explanation. I was raised JW, so I couldnt believe that I would see an angel for any good reason. My dad's family are catholic and very much believed and told many folk stories of how angels helped them in times of need. THe angel they talked about wasnt always in an angels form, but they swear that the spirit they saw or moved them to take another path, was very real.

    The angel I saw was a tall lady, very kind in her face and beautiful, she had long dark hair and I remember she had a white gown, and she glowed, I can't remember seeing any angel wings really, but it seems there was more to her than just looking like a regular person. I don't remember her saying anything, but I felt a sense of peace that she was looking after me, and even felt sad for me, she seemed to be someone who understood, without me saying to her what was wrong. In my home at that time, my mom was going to rehabs , having nervous breakdowns and even manic episodes that scared me , I thought she was crazy. Things in my home at that time were very scarey, and I still wonder if I made this angel up in my mind, to comfort myself. She was the exact opposite of what my mother was in her apperance, being tall, willowy, long dark hair and looked more like an indian than my very white, short , redheaded mother. I will never forget that I saw this angel or whatever it was , more than once durning those years in that house. I was a very spiritual child, raised JW, and prayed to Jehovah out loud , begging for help, I was so scared my mom was going to die, and that Daddy would be even more mad at me.

    I know it could have been my imagination making this angel appear when I felt that everyone eles had turned their back on me at that time, I cant say for sure. There have been other times, that I felt a sense of peace when talking out loud to my dead mother, hoping she would let me know she was ok. No answers were given to me, no visions, but I did get the sense of peace. I have seen her in dreams, but I know for a fact that these were dreams, but it could be another way they help us. I honestly can't explain , could just be coincidence or whatever, but I don't totally put it off saying it is not some kind of higher power at work.

  • xenawarrior

    I have always felt that I had an angel or something of that sort with me all my life. I've also had different ideas of what that represented. My dad died when I was 11 years old and I've always felt that he is with me - to this day. Is it him with me? I don't really know. It might be me thinking about what he would do in a situation and tapping into another choice by opening up my thinking process at that time and thinking about someone who I think of with high respect.

    In some cases I think the "angel" is my own focus on my inner strength. Recently I traveled to the Minnesota Apostafest and the last 86 miles of the trip was sheer ice. I have never been more terrified in my life. 35 miles per hour on a 65 MPH highway. I saw 26 cars in the ditch on that stretch and 4 pretty bad accidents. While maneuvering around one of those accidents, I almost became one myself. When I got home, I walked into the house and burst into tears and got myself a drink. It took me at least 2 hours to calm down and breathe normally again. For that entire 86 miles, I thought of someone very dear to me and I could hear his voice in my mind saying "you can do this". He literally got me home that night. He was my angel that night. In reality it was my own concentration on that voice and playing it over in my head that gave me strength so it was really me. But if he wasn't who he is to me and I didn't trust him the way I do, that visual and auditory life I gave him at that time I needed him wouldn't have been possible.

    So, for me, I think that, for the most part, "angels" are internal redirections of our own strength in most cases.

    And then there are my friends. Angels indeed.

    Dede- you have no idea how closely that picture represents Heaven in the flesh !!!! Be careful when she's at your house though- she'll be knocking all you knick knacks over with those wings !!!


  • roybatty

    Nah, Walken portrayed an angel the best.

  • scootergirl

    What a wonderful topic........I strongly believe in an angelic presence in our lives. For myself, I haven't ever come in close contact w/physical danger (glad you made it home that night, XW....... ) but I have had experiences in my life that I really felt someone was watching over me. Helping me thru "tough times" as it may.

    I have had experiences after my first husband died. Unexplainable experiences. His family had them too.......I believe he is around at times. I have had things happen in our house that are unexplainable but not scarey....intriguing.

    But my most predominant experience was when I was waiting at that bus station after coming to heads with my mother (for those of you that don't know what I am talking about, please feel free to read my personal story). Whomever that person was, wherever he came from, he "saved" me. He was there and then was gone. He gave me so much........ Where ever he went to, who he was.....I will never know. Angelic? I don't know about that........possibly directed to be at that place at that certain time by angelic force........more likely.

    I don't ever feel alone in my life. Whether it is my Higher Power or Angelic forces......I know that I am not alone.

    When I decided on a tatt I chose a beautiful guardian angel that sites on my shoulder. She is a reminder to me that there are forces out there......reminds me of what I have gone thru, and what I can go thru w/the help of others. I don't ever have to feel alone.......

  • outnfree

    I believe in angels.

    In my pre-Witness life, I was always a spiritual child. I walked myself to/from church and Sunday school for many years when my parents and siblings did not attend, but I felt a need to worship. Times were safer then, of course, but I began taking myself to church when I was in 2nd grade!!!

    One time, when I was a teenager, an apparition appeared at the foot of my bed. I felt certain it was my Nana, but it didn't actually LOOK like my Nana, who had died when I was 2 and knew mostly from pictures (although she lived with us after she had a stroke and I was still a toddler). This wasn't even a middle-of-the-night apparition. There was daylight, though I don't remember the exact time of day. Although the apparition spoke to me, no words were actually audible, the communication was telepathic, and my Nana simply told me, "Everything will be all right." And then she vanished.

    Years later, when I WAS a witness, I took my middle daughter and my son out in service . We were working rural territory in Ontario. I went to the door with my daughter while the other sister stayed with my son in the van. There was a Beware of Dog sign, but I am unafraid of dogs, so I would always take those doors. Anyway, we rang, we knocked, but nobody came. However, a German Shephard appeared out of nowhere and went straight for my daughter and then stopped short. Well, I picked her up and we left (remember nobody had answered). I got her buckled in, turned the van around and as I began to descend the driveway, a man tapped on my car window asking what I wanted. I rolled down the window and made the offer -- using an Awake! on the increase in crime -- and he asked me, "Were you just at my door?" "Yes, but nobody answered." "Ma'am, you are VERY lucky! Didn't you see the dog?" "Well, yes... he must've been out back..." "This dog is trained to attack, without barking, anyone who comes onto this property. I'm not interested in your message, but I AM concerned about crime. You are very lucky that my dog did not rip your throat out!" The man, of course, did not know that my young daughter was with me and how the dog had stopped in its tracks. Had the dog responded as trained, my daughter might have died or been disfigured... I always attributed that to angelic intervention (the angels being pleased that I was out doing 'God's work', of course). How else explain it?

    I didn't remember until recently that I had actually told my mother the next day about the appearance from my Nana. We were talking about the possibility of reincarnation, angels, spirit guides, and such. Strange things have been happening in my life recently to make me ponder these possibilities. It seems like I am on a pre-arranged path to have certain things occur in my life that lead me to be open to the possibility of other things, which in turn lead me to open my mind to yet other possibilities, etc. I don't know where I am heading, but the trip is fascinating!

    So, I'm with Intro: Experience your experiences. I'm finally old enough not to give a care whether others believe as I do or not! LOL


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  • LyinEyes

    Wow , reading these experiences literally gave me those same chills , goosebumps and all,everytime I read about them.

    Shakita the experience your brother had seeing the light at that dying man's bed was amazing.

    XW, I am so glad you made it home, I have drove one on a slick road like that and I know that feeling of God if I just make it home, I am so sorry it was that bad for you. I would think Xw that if there is a heaven and when someone good dies they do go there, then for sure your Dad would be first in line to be your guardian angel. When I came across that angel that reminded me of Heaven, I have only seen Heaven in pictures , but it was her spirit that seems to stand out more than her beauty, and that picture of the angel, looks like she is flying all over in the Heavens.

    Outnfree, that is an amazing story, and things like you wrote , have made me think that maybe I have had angelic direction more than I think. I have always had this sixth sense type of thing, especially in regard to my children. I would just get a feeling about something and not let them go off, and it would turn out that it was a good thing I didnt. There were times in my life I was so down, and wanted to die, but I felt at those moments , exactly like I was my own mother. I felt her pain so much and began to understand what she was feeling. Then it would hit me, my husband and my children,,,,,,, how would they like to be without a mom, like I was. It helped me to come to my senses and go to the doctor or tell my husband how bad I was. It saves me more than once.

    Roybatty............. was he Gaberial in the Prophecy movie???? He is one spooky looking man.

    Scootergirl... OMG,,,,,,,,,, I told WT , I wanted a tattoo on my left shoulder , just a small one, of an angel to symbolize my mother, ,,, as if she has been looking after me, over my shoulder all these years. I have not decided to get the tattoo yet, but if I do, it will probably be that one because it means so much too me. I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be the inspiration I need to get I still can't believe we had the same idea of the angel tat!!

    The other night I was feeling depressed went out to smoke a cig and feel miserable, it was in the wee silent hours of the morning,,,,,3 am. It was so still and quiet and I started talking to my mom out loud. As I was talking the wind stirred in the leaves of the only tree that still has leaves around me. I wondered is she in the leaves, in the wind, I said ....... is it you, mama? The leaves stirred gently again,,,,,,, well my skeptic mind , made me laugh at loud, thinking what a coiecidence, lol, now this is one I could read into if I wanted to tell a good story. But then I began to wonder if just maybe it was real. I asked again, and the leaves moved softly again....... this time I started to think,,,,,,,, maybe .. hummm still don't know what to believe on that but, I am beginning to feel a spiritual side coming back into my life and it makes me happy. I am opening my mind to what others have known all along, never being JW's and have always accepted the things they can not explain as real.

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