I have been free for 1647 days!!!

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  • pr_capone
    358 days now. hmmmm..... I like the sound of 1647 better!
  • ikhandi

    I don't consider myself totally free as of yet. How can I be when I occasionally get the urge to make an appearance at the meeting? Somtimes I want to go other times I hate the idea. Nov of 1999 seems so long ago to me. I recently came across my service bag and found some magzines from 99. What do I plan on doing with these and why do I still have them? Until I get rid of the need to hold onto wts publications I will never be free!

  • jgnat

    Beryl, your question on where you can go to discuss your beliefs had me thinking for a while. I am very comfortable posting my questions at JWD (under Bible Research or Beliefs Doctrine and Practices), but I have a high tolerance for those with different beliefs, and I don't take attacks on what I believe as attacks on me personally. I am also willing to adjust my beliefs when they are clearly wrong. We have the complete range of beliefs here from athiest to existentialist to pagan to buddist to taoist to adventist to plainChristian to exoticChristian to evangelical to JW-in to JW-out to self-proclaimed prophets of doom. I think it makes discussion kinda fun. You may want a kinder, gentler atmosphere, however.

    The first xJW site I found was Channel C. This is a haven for former JW's who are non-trinitarians, have rejected the Organization, yet retain their christian faith. Getting registered is a little more complicated, but you can always post your questions as a visitor. Since the group is a little more homogenous in their thinking, you might feel more comfortable posting your questions and thoughts there.


    P.S. I am either 0 days or 15,458 days depending on how you look at it. I am a never-in. Great calculator, Elswhere! Yippee!

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