SEX, monogamy, baboons, etc.

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  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    Woman may also feel attracted to the opposite sex, even if she is married. Hey, we're not dead!! Whether she will act on it depends how much she values her relationship, and of course her morals.

    It seems to me that men are more accepting of other men having extra curicular activities outside of marriage or a serious relationship. They claim that this is natural and it's just survival of the fittest. I'm many men here would like their ladies to have a little "extra curicular" activity going on on the side?

  • Aztec

    Hojon, with that "killer sperm" thing - I've read about that too, and boy is that a cold splash of reality! We're just sophisticated apes, aren't we! Really, it is all about "survival of the fittest" isn't it?

    Well, Dan, possibly you are just not meant to reproduce. Sorry if that sounds cold hearted, but not everyone is cut out to be a parent per Darwin. What I mean is the cold, hard facts of reproduction tell me that not everyone is cut out to be fertile enough to bear children and raise them. I do not mean to fan flames but I will support it tomorrow with facts. Tonight, I am sleepy. I, actually, think you would be a good father figure Dan. I do, however, believe in natural selection.


  • SheilaM

    I have always monogamous even when I was single, I am just wired that way I think monogamy is not for everyone but those that don't practise it seem to be the ones that bitch and moan the most. I like being with my friend and I think that monogamy makes me more inventiveI have to keep Thunder entertained ya know.

  • DanTheMan


    No offense taken. As a matter of fact I would hesitate to have children, even if I was in a position to have them (no pun intended). I was bullied in school, later I was viciously (and I mean VICIOUSLY) teased & harrassed by the drug crowd I ran with as a young adult, then falling for's a pretty rough road so far! I'd hate to pass along my social misfit genes to someone else.

  • SixofNine

    Sad that some of the most, for whatever reason attractive, men, are the least quality parents.

    Ever think about why you would consider apes mating habits more "natural" than ours? In any case, evolution has brought us not-so-easily-hooked-up males to a point where we would simply kill any male who behaves too "alpha" when we're trying to procreate.

    Monogamy? I've done it, and I think I could do it again. Hell, I think I might even want to do it again. *looks lost* "whats happening to me?" *snif* "hold me!"

  • Aztec

    I am glad you understand my intent Dan. Not to diss you but some others have the gene, yes genealogy. to pass on , let's just say annoying genes to their family. I know, I do! I am willing to discuss geneology and the like.... We are all very much related! LOL!


  • Aztec

    **Holds sixy**


  • funkyderek
    So what do you think? Is monogamy/pairing off unnatural? Was it invented by jealous guys who couldn't get any because alpha males like King Solomon kept all the women to themselves?

    Because human children take a long time and lots of effort to rear, monogamy is an extremely useful tool (at least for females), and probably evolved in humans for this reason. However, taking a "gene's-eye" view, it's in the reproductive interests of the male to have sex as often as possible with as many females as possible. The same is not true of the female due to her long gestation period. This is essentially why men cheat when they get the chance. It takes very little effort and there's a chance of passing on their genes with no further effort required. Women who will inevitably have to look after any children they conceive tend to be more choosy and tend to have illicit sex with "alpha males" only while they're ovulating, leaving their nice, dependable husband to look after another man's children.

    For atheists, your basis for morality is collective self interest, right?

    No, individual rights are the basis of my morality.

    Does monogamy serve this interest? Or does it cause weak genes to be passed on?

    As people generally pair up with someone roughly on their level, 10s with 10s, 9s with 9s etc., the genes passed on by monogamous relationships are usually about as good as we should expect. But of course selection pressure makes us try to treat the system, to mix our genes with someone "out of our league". The most common ways of doing this are described briefly above.

    It seems that our natural state is to be mostly monogamous, but to take chances to maximise the quality and/or quantity of our reproductive potential.

    For more information, I highly recommend Jared Diamond's excellent book Why is Sex Fun?

  • Realist


    great post! 100% agreed!

  • SheilaM

    *Pats Six of Nine on back and says in soothing voice it's gonna be OK*

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