CoBE Joins those Elders Deserting the Sinking Ship

by The Searcher 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • DwainBowman

    They have been trying since the early 80's to convince the sheeple, that all

    El-jerks are the same, and equal, with no Head Bull el-jerk! Twenty five some years, and it hasn't worked yet! I used to kind of play a game, each time I moved, and tried to pick out the head el-jerk, without asking. I was wrong only once out of say 12 congragation!

    There will always be a power structure in the borg! They may not have the total power the head el-jerk once had, but they grab all they can!

  • Vidiot

    DwainBowman - "There will always be a power structure in the borg..."

    Honestly... this point, I don't think the WTS could actually function without one.

    It's become too dependent on it.

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