Money and Happiness

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  • berrygerry

    WT has made a number of references to this alleged quote by J. Paul Getty:

    “Money doesn’t necessarily have any connection with happiness. Maybe with unhappiness.”

    Nothing in my WT life brought more stress and anxiety than not having enough money.

    This quote makes far more sense:

    "More money, but not pets, makes people happier," says Herzog, psychology professor at Western Carolina University, referring to the Mercer University research that found increased money boosted life satisfaction, not Bowser.


    Money and Happiness

    $ = =

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Why does WT always conveniently forget the scripture that says money is for a protection Ecc 7:12?

    What mind control thought does WT want its victims to think? Money is no good... So give it all to us! Even little kids ice cream money. Give It To !!! Such creeps!!!

  • karter

    Ive been poor and happy and rich and happy......i know which one i prefer.


  • snowbird

    Ecclesiastes 7 The Message Bible

    11 Wisdom is better when it's paired with money, Especially if you get both while you're still living. 12 Double protection: wisdom and wealth! ...



  • ctrwtf

    I'm sure this is why they're dancing in the streets in Somalia.

  • zeb

    LLLFS. "Give It To !!! Such creeps!!!"

    so they can fly business class to Russia.(with shopping stopovers in London and Paris.. perhaps?)

    Oh I am such a cynic.

  • waton
    What mind control thought does WT want its victims to think? Money is no good.. LLlfsm

    yeah, do wait not throw it in the street, even Wall Street, give it wtbts. Inc. we will plead your case for the resurrection once we get up there.

  • waton

    A very broad question.

    If your happiness comes from work, and are paid by the hour, it is a win win situation, but if you hate the work, are underpaid, it is misery.

    If you have money, without having to give time in exchange, you can make things happen for you, that is why they call it happiness, you have it happening, by choice.

  • WTWizard

    Money isn't the only thing that one needs for happiness, but lack of it can make one miserable. Lack of money can also enslave one. Without money, you cannot simply live off the land because joke-hova has ownership of it (through a few chosen companies). So, you need it to survive--and you have to work to earn tiny amounts of money for that day so the big companies that own everything can harvest all the wealth to enslave you.

    Do you need to speed this process up by donating to the Worldwide Damnation Fund or by partaking in activities that promote that damnation book called the bible? Your psychic energy helps them to speed up this process--2030 Agenda becomes 2019 Agenda. In this, people are stripped of their money. Any wonder why they would strip people of their money if not to make them miserable in every way? Strip people of their money and prevent them from living off the land, you strip them of all free time as well, and all fun. This is just like what happens to jokehovian witlesses that cut back on secular work, deny themselves a decent career (so at least they are earning a tiny bit more money), and waste their time pious-sneering. Their lives are stripped of anything that resembles joy or happiness.

    Also, money is needed to do anything the washtowel wants you to do. Go to the Grand Boasting Session some 250 km away? Especially if they want you driving each day so hotel rooms can be saved for people that are 500 or more km away? You need money for gas. You also need money for hotel rooms. You want to do field circus? You need gas money. You need money to support the damnation of the world by going to McDonalds each day (in addition to the psychic energy from being in joke-hova's service). You need suit dry cleaning money. And, if you wish to do the Ultimate Stupidity and do one of those Israel missions, you need money for that. So, if money is not important, where are people to get the means to do any of these?

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