Making life and death/life altering decisions based on commands from someone you're not sure exists

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  • jambon1

    Straight from the off, I will say that I'm 100% atheist. I have no faith.

    However, it occurred to me while thinking back over my involvement with the JW religion and especially when I take into account personal and family situations where people have made life altering choices due to being JW's, just how crazy it really is.

    Think about it; JW's when pinned down must be able to agree that they don't know 100% that their god is real. That is just fact. It's a whole way of life that is based on faith.

    So, fair enough to make choices of morality or minor lifestyle choices. I can get that.

    But when it comes to the bigger things; life/death, blood, shunning, etc. Well, do they ever factor in the thought - 'what if I'm wrong'?

    Surely, it's a massive leap to base these BIG choices (many of which will profoundly effect others) on an invisible person who may not exist. You've not seen this person. You've not talked to him. You have absolutely no concrete proof that he is real. Yet, you'll make a life and death decision based on THAT?

    Its absolutely crazy when you think about it.

    Bat shit crazy.

  • sir82

    The true believers whom I know are absolutely certain that God exists, though.

    They see God's hand in nearly everything in their own lives, from the grand and significant to the mundane.

    "What if I'm wrong" doesn't enter into it. They would just as likely ask "what if I'm wrong about gravity?" before trying to get out of bed.

    It is of course confirmation bias, but they don't see it that way.

  • Saethydd

    Speaking as someone who has tried to debate this subject with people I concur with @sir82's assessment.

  • new boy
    new boy

    What about people who make life and death decisions on someone who does exist? Like a president that says it time to attack and kill people. Your life may hang in the balance. People have and always will make life and death decisions on other people actions and decisions.

  • jambon1

    Yes new boy, they will.

    But that's a persons prerogative based presumably on reality.

    God is invisible. He probably doesn't exist.

    Making life or death decisions based on an invisible non reality is beyond crazy in my opinion.

  • new boy
    new boy

    Isn't really base on people's perception of god and not god we are talking about. God if he/she exits has nothing to do with mans stupid decisions concerning him/her.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    I think that much of it is based on fear of being shunned should they accept a transfusion. How many people would choose to live if it meant never being able to see and speak to their friends or family ever again? And, considering that Armageddon is always just around the corner, why risk even the possibility of eternal life in paradise with everyone you have ever loved for the certainty of a few more lonely, miserable years or decades of life in this shitty world?

    Don't get me wrong. I think the no blood policy is one of the worst things the GB has ever done; but I understand why most JWs choose to abide by it.

  • tepidpoultry

    Re: Rainbow_ Troll Re: blood transfusions if you don't want to be


    A bit of a headache but, save your life, then (your choice) confess or wait

    for if/when you get caught then exercise heartfelt repentanceTM, the

    pressure of the situation etc,

    Personally I would just be out of there and find new friends outside of the



  • joey jojo
    joey jojo


    Whether or not it's true- you believe it.


    Whether you believe it or not - it's true.

  • schnell

    "Faith is the suspension of critical thinking." (Bill Maher)

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