Making life and death/life altering decisions based on commands from someone you're not sure exists

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  • punkofnice

    Confirmation bias is a very strong force. People will find 'evidence' or reasons to believe in what they choose to believe. I did it myself when I was a Jobo Twitness.

    I'm sure some Jobos will agree that they can't know god exists for sure (if they haven't run away), but the majority will remain in their delusion, eyes wide shut.

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  • Ucantnome

    But when it comes to the bigger things; life/death, blood, shunning, etc. Well, do they ever factor in the thought - 'what if I'm wrong'?

    In the first century according to what I understood from the bible was that the first century christians received holy spirit which I would have thought would have been evidence and christianity grew through the years.

    when my parents accepted the good news from the witnesses I think they felt they saw evidence of the holy spirit active on the anointed christians of JW in doing the preaching work in this time of the end and having an understanding of the bible.

    i think that their faith came from this.

    I remember the brother who studied with them saying that even if it was wrong it was still the best way of life and I think my parents enjoyed the 'truth' commenting in the early 1960's that after the meeting they felt they were walking on air.

    I think there was a degree of 'what if I'm wrong' however I think this was outweighed by the what they saw as evidence of the holy spirit guiding the anointed. They never claimed to have an anointing themselves.

  • ssn587

    Faith is the absence of death of intelligence.

  • BluesBrother
    Think about it; JW's when pinned down must be able to agree that they don't know 100% that their god is real
    Well, do they ever factor in the thought - 'what if I'm wrong'?

    No... the proper J W never thinks that. Jehovah is totally real to him, his "friend". He cannot entertain the thought that god is not real.

  • kpop

    Schnell I think George Carlin said that also. But still good point.

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    "someone you're not shure exists"

    ...but the governing body of JW's DOES exist!!!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    How about life and death decisions being made by congregation elders who are also known as 'Laypersons' according to WT lawyer John Miller! No wonder the JW rank & file members are suffering from family breakups and emotional breakdowns... they're being counseled by 'Laypersons'!

  • ambersun
    ...but the governing body of JW's DOES exist!!!

    I think this says it all really.

    Jehovah / Governing Body........Governing Body / Jehovah.......reality / make believe........make believe / reality.......

    When you are brain washed, how can you possibly know what reality is?

  • ballistic

    Yes it's true, most Jehovah's Witnesses would tell you they believe in God Jehovah 100%, because this is their no.1 core belief. And yes, they will make huge decisions... whether to get an education, whether to have children, whether to buy a house, whether to have blood in an operation, all based on their religion. In my opinion we all make decisions in a complex but arbitrary way, based on everything that has gone before in our lives, so in that sense, there is no real difference in the decision making process. It's just that the substance on which the decisions are based is drastically different. And from this point of view... frightening.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Even worse is people making life/death based decisions based on the sayings of 7 men who now say they may be wrong, are not inspired and are not infallible!

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