Important spiritual food

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  • eyeuse2badub

    If most of the songs didn't sound like funeral dirges, maybe jw's would sing better!

    just saying!

  • WTWizard

    Why would they want people singing the songs "just so" aside from getting the vibrations just right to maximize the negative energy they raise toward damnation for the whole human race? The more people singing the song, the louder they sing, the more precisely they sing, the more they manifest total enslavement for the whole human race. Is that what you want?

    And for this rubbish? Perhaps if the songs comprised real music, people would sing them better. How come people are able to sing Christmas carols, even if they do parody them sometimes, better than any of those Kingdumb maladies?

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I wanted to start a new thread about this. How can a simple uncontroversial subject like singing make you leave the hall almost spitting with rage? Well simple, do It WT.Borg way.

    There are too many sickeners to list but here are some:

    1./ "Shall" not commonly used so bin it. Forget "Shall I compare thee to a summer rose?" or "shall I make a cup of coffee"?

    2./ Long-suffering, bin it, what could that archaic expression possibly mean?

    3./ Can't sing "guard your heart" in case sisters are seen as telling others what to do. WTF.

    Oh yes! one of the reasons for a new song book? The GB thought it would be good to have one to match the silver bullet bible. I kid you not.

    Bloody hell, what is this excuse for a religion coming to?

  • Kohanic

    Oh jeez the 'guard your heart' part was insane. Cause a chick singing is them telling men what to do? Yeah sure.

    And I as a 20 y.o. can assure you that people still say 'shall'.

  • MrRoboto

    responsibility to sing...? really?

    this is just so they can tell the elders to clamp down on and watch the non singers.

    apostates are more likely to be soft on the singing IMHO so heres the official framework for why you should harass non singers (just w/o giving the real reason)

    or maybe cuz its rather comical when most the hall ( and its only half full already) is not singing... wow the quiet is deafening.

    im sure we'll see a local needs on that later this year

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