Ralph Walls implausible 2021 Convention field service story

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  • Biahi

    Great find, Rules and Regulations! Looks like the apostates are on their toes!

  • WTWizard

    Those two rags are spiritual gold? I would rather think of them as spiritual coronavirus shots--you take them, you are going to get spiritually sick. (At least you can blow them off once you took them to get the witlesses out of your face, and ruin them to waste their resources.)

    But, if you start abiding by what is in those rags, and the bible itself, you are effectively poisoning your soul. You are connecting with energy that is purposed to ruin your whole being, and just possessing a physical copy of that cursed book of bad luck is enough to get this started. Attend the boasting sessions, it gets worse. And, if you are gullible enough to start field circus, and making the changes you will need to make, and especially if you end up baptized, it gets much worse as you are bound to the filthiest energy known to man.

    To compare those filthy rags with gold is simply an abomination.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    There are a lot of urban legends and folk tales that circulate. I heard stories from a Presbyterian workmate that then were related from the stage at assemblies. The same stories were also Baptist, catholic and whatever.

    Adoption stories, the men behind the woman, blind obedience, poor teaching the rich, lost billfolds, $20 blowing by in the wind saving a pioneer.

    Move to different genre and bibles stop bullets, fuses fail. Actually it was a deck of cards and a bullet that had already gone through 6 other soldiers.

  • Scully

    w & g are more like FOOL'S GOLD.


  • Rocketman123

    False prophet apostasy is a bag of gold.

    That one would make even Jehovah laugh

    ''Some years ago, a brother in Mexico from the rurals, dressed in a very simple garb knocked at the door of a palatial mansion.''

  • FFGhost

    I have never heard the expression "the rurals" before, and I am a native English speaker.

    That WT writer from the 80s needed a capable editor.

  • Diogenesister

    That's what I was thinking FFghost my fellow logophile😂

    "The rurals" sounds like a cross between rural and The Urals 😂

  • Overrated

    Fools Gold indeed! Poorly written magazines by uneducated people with answers to all of man's questions, peddled by uneducated people to get or people to join the group. It's all about the Cash$.

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