Morning all! Just here to say hi and join in the discussion

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  • ToesUp

    Most don't seem to know about the child abuse issues. We spoke to some family (still ins/uber) that did not know anything about the Australian Royal Commission. We let them know. You know JW's they have to know EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, most will shut their eyes to it and lap up everything the Mother ship says and does.

    Welcome to the forum!

  • jhine

    Hello to you park avenue boy . Welcome


  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Welcome P.A.B.

    The hardest thing to do is get a J.W. to "step outside" the J.W. box for 5 minutes.

    I told an elder & his wife today about the Australian Royal Commission. Reaction? "Even government agencies will lie!!"


  • JWdaughter
    Welcome. I'm angry at the practices in JW-land, but we were all the people. Most people are sincerely trying to do the right thing. So, no sense hating on individual JWs, though I do hate the Ruling class and its manipulations.
  • talesin


    When I spoke of it to the only JWS I know, they said 'there are imperfect men in Jah's organization. He will take care of them.'

    ** puke **

  • Zoos
  • Dagney

    Welcome park ave boy! How lucky you are to have parents that woke up and left!

    Okay! Let's get everyone else out!

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Welcome. Glad to know you and your parents enjoy freedom.
  • Sabin

    G'day mate nice to have you on board.

  • cofty
    Welcome Park Ave Boy

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