I've decided to make a difference that REALLY matters

by Mrs. Eden 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Mary J Blige
    Mary J Blige
    I am certain that your experience in caring for your mum is all that you need to demonstrate amazing compassion for those who you come in touch with on a daily basis. The fact that you have signed up is testament to that. Good on you Mrs E, I hope this selfless act opens many more doors for you in return. Like the other members, your mum would be extremely proud, as are we. Making a real, practical and beneficial difference. All power to you! X
  • Zoos
    Now THAT'S good news!
  • The UFO Cult
    The UFO Cult

    Your going to feel way better doing real charity than standing around picking your nose as people walk by your death trolley. Zombie Witnessing vs Helping the Hospitals, helping the poor and sick, feeding people through food banks and church "Dorcas Outreaches".

    What would Jesus do, spend the money helping people do good deeds are waste it on worthless literature that has no Bible based value or any form of Christianity? While the right-heart ones are making a real difference, the haters with brain trauma think sitting at a Watchtower or JW.ORG Booth is going to make God and Jesus happy, wrong! Nobody think's see's the "good fruit-age" coming from Wicked Trees, I wonder why?

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    That's Great!!!!

    We need more people like you!

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